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  • Top Reads Recommended by our Athletes

    Evolving technology has had a huge influence on the consumption of our time and variety of entertainment choices. But one thing remains constant...books and reading will always remain, bringing another perspective to our consumption of information.
  • Taming the Giants with Katie Schide & Germain Grangier

    Ultra Trail Running couple, Katie Schide and Germain Grangier have completed what can only be described as an ´epic´ adventure.

    There seems nothing the Adelaide, Australia born athlete hasn't done. Her athletic career began already as young as 11 years of age, running on the grass tracks of her then hometown at the Gold Coast.
  • Maximising Performance & Family Life with Ironman WC Melissa Hauschildt

    We go to the other side of the world, in a virtual sense of course this week as Paul and James get down to chatting with the incredible 3x triathlon world champion and Commonwealth Games steeplechase medalist Melissa Hauschildt, who joined us with her 6 month old daughter Dakota for a chat on the Pyllon Ultra Podcast.
  • Athletes Top 5 Recipes for Performance

    We are back with cooking this time as our athletes share with us their top secrets for performing at their best.
  • Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon conquers The Mont Blanc with his Home-Summit-Home Challenge

    What a month it has been as our ultra trail athletes have taken on some of the biggest traverses in the French Alps, not only toppling records but doing so with extremely fast times.
  • Audrey Tanguy sets the women's benchmark for the 14 Summits of the Massif des Bauges

    Less than 2 weeks ago, Aurelien Dunand-Pallaz broke the men's record for the 14 summits of the Massif des Bauges, in an incredible 14 hours 26 minutes. Just a week later, rising star in the Women's Ultra Trail Running circuit, Audrey Tanguy set off to complete the route in reverse.
  • Gregoire Curmer breaks the record for the Chamonix-Briançon crossing

    Gregoire Curmer, Martin Kern and Baptiste Robin broke the record for the Chamonix-Briançon on the mythical GR 5 hiking trail crossing on Sunday 5th July.

    Coming from the French Island of Réunion, the 36 year old competed in triathlons from 12 years of age, later becoming France ́s leading triathlete in the ITU competition.

    There is no bigger household name in triathlon than Belgian´s Frederik Van Lierde. Born and raised in Menen, West Flanders, Frederik has been competing in triathlons for over half of his life. Beginning competitions at 17 years of age, he already showed potential as a National level junior and finished 2nd in the U23 European Triathlon Championships.
  • If You Don't Believe You'll Never Achieve

    Episode 2 continues with an interview with Ironman World Champion, the brilliant Belgian Frederik van Lierde.This is a fascinating insight into a triathlon great with many nuggets for listeners of every level to take away.
  • Ironman Virtual Club

    In collaboration with the IRONMAN® Virtual Club and on the occasion of the Compressport Challenge: Frederik Van Lierde’s FTP Bike Test, register now for your chance to win one the 5 compression calf sleeves R2 OXYGEN. Winners to be notified within 1 week of competition deadline.
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