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    From Glasgow, Scotland, Paul Giblin brings a wealth of strength and experience with over 10 years of ultra trail running.
  • Mauricio Mendez | PRO Triathlete

    Meet our talented youngster from Mexico City; Mauricio Mendez Cruz, aka Mau.
  • Heat and performance

    Heat often rhymes with sun, summer and holidays ... it's the season everyone is waiting for! Except perhaps the sportsmen ... because running or driving in hot weather is often much less pleasant and more difficult than in cooler weather.
  • Helio Fumo | PRO TRAIL RUNNER

    The natural sportsman from Mozambique, Helio Fumo has already had an impressive career competing in the 800m and 1500m athletic disciplines.
  • Kathrin Götz | PRO TRAIL RUNNER

    From Switzerland, she has a long history in sport, commencing with long distance triathlons while she completed her studies in School Teaching. She qualified twice for the Ironman World Championships (2003/2004) before taking a break to become mother to 3 girls.

    Growing up in Mechelen, Belgium a young Diego played football for most of his childhood years. However he soon became bored and lacked something to push himself further.

    Hi I'm Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon from Grenoble, France. Currently, I live at 1,800m altitude in La Rosiere so I love to do all mountain activities.
  • Absorb the shocks when running, why and how?

    Running is one of the sports that has the most impact on the joints and back. With each step it is a shock equivalent to 3x the weight of your body that you have to bear! With this in mind, runners are generally looking for solutions to absorb these shocks

    Imagine running so high you feel as though you are flying. That’s skyrunning. It’s a demanding, yet highly addictive, sport where you run side-by-side with mountain goats, hot-footing along jagged ridges on mountain ranges all over the world. It’s fast, light, technical and guaranteed to get you high.
  • World Care Day

    On Saturday 25 April 2020, COMPRESSPORT is organizing a CARE DAY to give support to the medical staff and to give you the chance to win Compressport prizes.
  • Compression, recover faster after your home trainer sessions.

    In this period of confinement, many of you are rushing to the home trainer, whether on the bike or running! Thanks to some applications it is even possible to make virtual sessions with friends.
  • Transgrancanaria, a very strong field, an impressive Dylan Bowman

    The 3rd stop on the 2020 Ultra Trail World Tour Calendar, landed once again in Spain´s Canary Islands for the first European race. Always a hotly contested early season test, this year was no different. The 128km/7,500mD+ course was modified slightly to the previous years, due to the recent wildfires, however the conditions remained quite the same.
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