We have already highlighted some of the favourite ´home´ summits of our athletes in the French Alps. Now it´s time to turn to Switzerland as Diego ´Zpeedy´ Pazos gives us a tour of his favorite training playground in the third Episode of ´My Home Summit´

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  • Diego Pazos 'Zpeedy'| Pro Trail Runner

    Sporting his quirky moustache and bowtie, Diego ´Zpeedy´ Pazos, ensures there is rarely a serious moment in the team since his arrival to Compressport in 2016.
  • Ep 01 | My Home Summit | The Tour of Dent de Cons | France

    While racing is the ultimate aim for most athletes, training is the essential part of the process on the way to reaching new heights and striving to break goals. Whether it is long, short, hard or fast, every athlete has a favoured training session or route.
  • Ep 02 | My Home Summit | The Lake Loop | France

    In the first episode, we shared with you one of the favorite training loops from Aurelien Dunand-Pallaz. This time his teammate Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon presents to us one of his favorite training grounds, around the region where he prepared for his Fastest Known Time Attempt during the Summer.