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UTMB 2015

Every year, during the last week-end of August, all the best Ultra-Trail runners in the world gather to Chamonix in the French Alps to take part in the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc® . A grueling Ultra-Trail®  race around the highest mountain in Europe across France, Italy and Switzerland. The distance is approximately 168 km, with a total elevation gain of around 10,000m.

To celebrate this mythical race, COMPRESSPORT®  has developed a specific product range to support you in this amazing challenge. This exclusive range of product is the opportunity for us to showcase our upcoming innovations and technologies. Technical innovations, new fibers, new designs, ultra-trail specific features, all information is here.

SHORT ULTRA-TRAIL: Unequalled freedom of use and facility to put on

Thanks to its rethought construction (inspired by the PRO R2 SWISS), the SHORT ULTRA-TRAIL is unbelievably stretchable: 85 % more elastic and stretchable than the other COMPRESSPORT®  shorts. Totally designed in Switzerland, the SHORT


  • Provides, at the same time, a feeling of strength and incomparable freedom.
  • Adapts perfectly to the shape of the thighs, without any feeling of restriction. Moreover, you’ll never feel restrictions or squeezing due to a compression that becomes too strong – when the thighs swell: during climbing and/or lactic efforts. If that was not enough, the SHORT ULTRA-TRAIL weighs less than 100 g while keeping all benefits of compression: less vibrations and muscle damage, reduced pains and delayed fatigue for better performance and recovery.

R2 ULTRA-TRAIL and ULTRA RACING FULL SOCKS RUN: Performance compression and Patellar Tendon protection

In ultra-trail races, the #1 enemy is knee pain. Not only for those who have chronic knee pain, but also the athletes who start to feel the fatigue after 100km of racing. COMPRESSPORT®  has developed the K-Protect to help reduce this pain that affects more than 75% of ultra-trail runners. The K-Protect is an ergonomic band which applies compression on the patellar tendon to provide extra knee support. It reduces the vibrations up to -8% without hindering joint movement. The K-Protect will be your best ally to push your speed in the downhill and reach the Place du Triangle de l’Amitié in the best possible conditions.

The K-Protect was implemented on the R2 ULTRA-TRAIL and on the ULTRA RACING FULL SOCKS RUN. The R2 keeps the same properties than the PRO R2 SWISS (incredibly stretchable and light) while being more robust (as specific for trail race: resistance against thorns, branches…). The ULTRA RACING FULL SOCKS RUN are more breathable and lighter than COMPRESSPORT®  FULL SOCKS for a maximal thermoregulation while giving you a fantastic ankle support. Obviously the R2 ULTRA-TRAIL and ULTRA RACING FULL SOCKS RUN keep all the benefits of the COMPRESSPORT®  compression.

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