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Trail runners share common issues like cramping and overuse injuries. But also achilles and patella tendonitis. Uneven terrain and unexpected elements keep runners engaged but can also lead to difficult trail running issues. With this in mind, COMPRESSPORT® developed specifics trail running compression sleeves to prevent these frequent issues. Let’s discover how compression sleeves will help you prevent these well known issues.


Achilles and Patella tendonitis: The repetition of shocks in trail running causes a lot of stress for the muscles, joints and tendons and in the worst case can promote the emergence of tendonitis. Keeping your muscles compact and solid the use of trail running compression sleeves absorbs these shocks (-33 % vibrations) leading to less muscle oscillations and therefore less traction on tendon and muscle itself. A study conducted on 1200 sportsmen shows a reduction of this king of injuries by 29 %!

Shin splints: The emergence of shin splints is also due to the shocks caused by running on hard ground. The compression helps to stabilize muscles and prevent injuries. Whether suffering from shin splints due to trail running the use of compression sleeves helps to provide much needed relief.

Early muscle fatigue: The repetition of shocks in trail running (especially in downhill) causes muscle damage leading to early muscular fatigue. Absorbing these shocks the use of trail running compression sleeves will be effective to decrease or delay muscle damage (-42 %), fatigue and pain. You will be able to perform longer with a better global comfort. Therefore you will be more resistant on the last kilometers of your ultra-trail race when your competitors will slow down.

Cramps: The emergence of cramps is due to many factors including dehydration, toxin accumulation, muscle damage, fatigue… Supporting your muscle and delaying fatigue the use of compression sleeves may also delay the cramps.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS): You are suffering from DOMS after a hard trail race? Do your legs are so heavy to even go downstairs? Obviously, yes… This is the consequence of the muscle damage. To better recover use your compression sleeves. Less muscle damage during trail running with trail running compression sleeves means less subsequent inflammation (-52 %) and therefore less delayed onset muscle soreness (-50 %) and better recovery.

Swelling of legs and feeling of heavy legs: Emergence of muscle damage during trail running means inflammation during recovery and therefore swelling and feeling of heavy legs. Continue to wear your compression socks during the recovery will ensure better venous return (+20 %), better muscle oxygenation (around 15-25 %) and less blood stagnating in the legs. Consequently swelling of legs will be reduce and the use of compression will guarantee athletes a feeling of light and fresh legs.

Slow down in downhill: you are slowing down in each downhill? You do not trust? Your ankles are fragile? And you lose a lot of time? Try to use trail running compression sleeves… Pressing on your skin, ankle and calf muscle, the compression activates some cutaneous and muscular receptors. The message goes up to the brain and you are able to feel better feedback from your legs. You will be more serene. The compression will help you to have a better balance promoting performance during technical downhill.


Beginner, accomplished athlete or pro… every athlete is subject to these frequent Trail Running issues : injuries, DOMS, cramps, fatigue… COMPRESSPORT® provides specific solution and can help you to prevent them. Thanks to compression sleeves, these issues will be delayed or totally abolished to increase your performance on your trails!

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    Hello Jacky You must buy our compression sleeves or Full Socks V2.1. The localised dots at the back of your tendons will help to reduce pain & increase your recovery. We also have ArmSleeves (PRO RACING ARM SLEEVES) available on our eshop : Thank you, The COMPRESSPORT Team

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