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Compression clothing could not be stranger to it! After East London, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Langkawi-Malaysia makes it four for our French partner Romain Guillaume on the highest step of a podium this year. Wearing his favourite compression apparel he brought Compressport®`s colours to the top to win one of the last Ironman races of 2017, which makes it also his 3rd Ironman title.

Romain went after the title and managed to break the race record!

Romain-guillaume-824x400One does not change a strategy that wins! This can be the BMC Etixx triathlete`s motto – a solid swim and be in the leading pack out of the waters,  a 10-minute lead off the bike and clinging to the his first place on the marathon run and not let go of any pace while Jens Petersen-Bach and Roman Deisenhofer were struggling hard behind.

Romain GUILLAUME stops the chrono 8:32:54, breaks the record and wins Ironman Malaysia!

6-day Everest Trail Race is ON!

This year again runners will have to cover some 160 Km between 2000 and 4100 meters of altitude. Compressport`s partner Jordi GAMITO came to the trail hoping to end his trail season on a high note.

jordi gamito 824x400

The technicality of the track makes it hard for our Spanish acolyte who eventually managed to secure a fourth place on 3 of the fours stages yet.  The remaining 2 stages will sure prove challenging!

Matt CHRABOT goes to Mexico and wins Silver on the Ironman 70.3

Los Cabos hosted the event at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, where tall the conditions were reunited to make it a memorable sports moment.

Matt CHRABOT exited from the waters among the leading pack but had to do with strong competition from New-Zealander Terenzo Bozzone who came to Mexico to win! And he did fast and furious!


Matt Chrabot clung to his second place gained strongly on the bike run, which by the way was also the second fastest  time. Bozzone was unbeatable and won the race with 4 minutes lead over Chrabot who finished second on the podium at 3:49:25.

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