Pro Racing socks v.3

Runnners, marathoners, triathletes,
trail runners, ultra trail runners, cyclists...

All will find the high performance sock they never want to take off.

Stability Wings

More stability and strength in impact. It brings more sensations of strength thanks to its 2 external wing-shaped stabilizers that bring more stability and strength in impact, giving a more aggressive and original look.

Big Toe Protection

More protection against impacts that damage your nails.

Ultra Ventilation Mesh

Specific, airy weaving brings even more ventilation to the whole foot, from toe box to the calf. A light, dry and cool foot.

Strap Support

Ankle strap for additional support to reduce shock on the Achilles tendon and the back of the foot.

Arch Stim

A true innovation for those who suffer from overheating of the sole; specific fibers stop this unpleasant feeling.

Toe Box Protection

Reinforced protection on all of the toes.

360° Arch Stim

Optimum support in technical and demanding runs, long descents, technical trails (already tested and approved on the limited edition UTMB 2016) for greater stability

Pro racing socks v.3

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Frederik Van Lierde

"The Pro Racing Socks V3 are on another level. Combining lightweight, comfort, support and flexibility like I've never experienced before!"


Diego Pazos

"I really love their comfort and elasticity.
I don't feel any friction when I am wearing them."

Eiger ultra trail Champion 2016

Mel Hauschildt

"The V3 ultralight socks are so thin they just mould to your foot. No thick edges or corners poking into your foot anywhere. There is no extra sock filling up your shoe, making them too tight. It feels like you're running sockless, minus the blisters and rubbing."


Fernanda Maciel

"My feet felt comfortable and didn't slip in the shoes. There was no overheating and the socks helped my feet to stay dry, evacuating humidity and moisture. I felt that the socks protect my Achilles tendon and the malleolus area. I like the 3Dots because they always give support too."


Pro racing socks v.3

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