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1. Research and development focused on performance

A. Revolutionary fiber: Bio­Ceramic Crystals

To improve thermoregulation, COMPRESSPORT® PRO R2 SWISS is made of a revolutionary fiber called Bio­Ceramic Crystals. As you may know, the body produces thermal energy invisible to the naked eye, called ‘far infrareds’. The revolutionary and patented fiber used in the PRO R2 SWISS, thanks to its  bio­ceramic crystals, is able to reflect indefinitely that far infrared signal. This ‘mirror effect’ activates the microcirculation  on  the  surface  of  the  skin  (+92  %)*  and  leads  to  secondary  benefits  including  better thermoregulation (+51 %)*.

B. Unequalled freedom of use and easy to put on

Thanks  to  its  rethought  construction,  the  PRO  R2  SWISS  is  unbelievably  stretchable:  107%  more elastic and stretchable than the classic R2. Totally designed and produced in Switzerland, the PRO R2 SWISS: ­

  1. Is extremely easy to put on: less than 5 seconds! In comparison most calf sleeves available on the market  take between 15 and 45 sec! (A significant saving of time during the transition in triathlon!)
  2. Provides, at the same time, a feeling of strength and incomparable freedom. ­
  3. Fits perfectly to the shape of the calf without any feeling of restriction.

Thus, you’ll never feel any uncomfortable squeezing due to a compression that becomes too strong. It’s especially true when the calf swells the most: i.e. when climbing, on the tip of your toes, in explosive and/or lactic activities. The PRO R2 SWISS are also the ideal sleeves for intense and explosives efforts, for vertical races and team sports, racket sports, combat and other athletic disciplines involving sprints, jumps, and changes of direction.

If  that  was  not  enough,  the  PRO  R2  SWISS  is  the  lightest  on  the  market:  11  g!  Including  a  ONE LAYER finishing it does not retain water (does not act like a sponge!) and dries quickly!

2. Still loyal to its original missions

A. Fresh legs feeling and kick up warming before the race !

  1. Venous return improvement (+20 %) and increase in calf muscle oxygenation (+25 %). ­
  2. Preventing leg swelling (­100 %: the swelling is totally prevented!) and associated pains and discomfort. No ‘heavy leg syndrome’ before the race!
  3. Accelerating warm-­up ensuring less risk of muscle injuries.

Wearing the PRO R2 SWISS for 1 hour before the effort provides a feeling of light and fresh legs – ready to perform!

B. Anti muscle damage and improved performances during efforts.

Wearing the PRO R2 SWISS during running efforts limits muscular  vibrations induced by the impacts with the ground. As a result:

  1. The muscular oscillations are reduced (­33 %). ­
  2. The muscle damage induced by the shocks is also decreased!

In  consequence  it  delays  muscle  fatigue  and reduces  pains  facilitating  the  improvement  of prolonged performance as in trail running or triathlon.

Finally the PRO R2 SWISS plays a key role in injuries prevention (­29 %), especially in terms of shin  splits  or  tendinitis  thanks  to  the  reduction  of  vibration  and  the  improvement  of proprioceptive feedback.

C. Enhanced recovery, ready to start again !

  1. Venous return improvement (+20 %) and increase in calf muscle oxygenation (+25 %). ­
  2. Accelerated toxins removal (faster elimination of lactate)
  3. Prevented leg swelling (­100 %: the swelling is totally prevented!) and associated pains and discomfort.

In summering wearing the PRO R2 SWISS for 1 hour in recovery is effective to prevent the delayed onset muscle soreness (­50 %) and accelerate the recovery!

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