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Lucy Charles will be at the World Championships!

All she had to do was to win the maximum points on the next IRONMAN® event! The stage was set in Frankfurt and triathletes had enrolled with one and only purpose: grab the maximum qualifying points for Kona 2017.

Lucy CHARLES up to now has had a fantastic season and her next challenge is Kona 2017 scheduled in 3 weeks` time!


As she always does on almost all her tri events, Lucy exited first from the waters,  in front of Sarah Crowley who stroke back on her bike to pull level, though Lucy retained her advantage.

However, she had to let go on the last run, Crowley proving herself stronger in the finish. Lucy finished 4 minutes behind at the 2nd place. Mission accomplished for our partner athlete and her compression clothing is no stranger to that!

_Patrik-NilssonAt the World Championships might also be Patrick NILSSON from BMC-Etixx as he did great on the men`s side winning the bronze medal and securing the precious points necessary for Kona 2017.

The Skyrunning World Series goes on in the Valley of Val d’Isère

Aure?lien-Dunand-PallazAnd Aurélien DUNAND-PALLAZ jumped on the occasion to plant his poles on one of the Europe`s toughest trail tracks, climb over 5200 of vertical meters and cross the finish line in 2nd place.

On the earlier preliminary event, Xavier GACHET and William BON MARDION has a blistering pace and manage to earn the 1st and 3rd places.

And last but not least, our other partner athletes, Scotty HAWKER and Paul GIBLIN lined up for the 19km trail race.

In Italy, the Cycle Tour has come full circle!

 Orica-ScottAt the Giro Rosa the final whistle was blown after two weeks of exceptional performance. Team Orica Scott puts an end to its Italian tour with brio when teammate Annemiek VAN VLEUTEN claims an overall 3rd place on the podium and Amanda Spratt falling off the podium at the 4th place.

In Germany, the show was also staged in Roth!

While Frankfurt had attracted some classy field of triathletes around an IRONMAN event, Roth was hosting its annual triathlon Challenge, the biggest of Germany.

Bart-AernoutsAnd big was Bart AERNOUTS who after a 23rd place out of his swim run did not call it quits! On the contrary he managed to glean some places up the table, so much he passed everyone and impressively made his way to the finish line and stayed under the 8-hour milestone. A fantastic run from a tremendous athlete in the most outstanding time, that`s Bart`s way on the Challenge Roth!

Lisa-RobertsOn the women side, Compressport®`s partner Lisa ROBERTS made it to the 3rd step of the podium at 8:57:14.

What a great week indeed for Compressport® Team partners and the month of July is not off yet!

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