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Just one month ago, Jordi Gamito achieved the biggest result of his career to date with a podium in, undoubtedly, one of the biggest races in Ultra Trail Running, UTMB Mont Blanc. He now looks ahead to conclude his season on the Grand Raid de la Reunion at the end of October 2018.

To learn more about Jordi, the athlete and his life when he is off the tracks we have put to him 10 questions. The answers almost sum up the personage.

What do you do for a living?

I am not yet a full-time athlete… I hope one day I will be. But for now I must still work, so I have a part-time job working in construction 5 hours a day.

Where do you live?

I am from Playa De Aro on Catalunya´s Costa Brava coastline. But I live in the mountains in Camprodon, close to Pyrenees.

 Where do you train?

All my training is done in the vicinity of Camprodon. The mountains at the entrance of the Pyrenees are perfect for various mountain-terrain training.


What are your main hobbies?

During winter, I enjoy cross training with Ski Mountaineering. I live very close to some great skiing areas and I love to mix up my pre-season training with other activities. Also, I practise Muay Thai fighting, which is a great passion of mine.

What do you like to eat?

I like to eat everything, but sushi is my favourite.

What is your favourite place to travel to?

When I competed for Muay Thai, I spent a lot of time in Thailand. Since then it has become one of my favourite places in the world to travel to.


What do you do when you’re not working or training?

Normally I work, train and rest so I don’t have time for other activities. But when I can, I like to go out to eat with my partner and enjoy time with friends and family.

What is your favourite trail running race?

For sure, UTMB® ! There is something about the mountains, the people and the atmosphere around the event, which makes it very special to me and gives me a great motivation to return there every year.

What is your favourite music?

My favourite group is AC-DC and their song ¨It’s a long way to the top¨.

What is your favourite movie?

Kick Boxer, starring Jean Claude Van Damme.

Jordi`s last trail programme for the rest of 2018 will be to run the Ultra Pirineu during the last weekend of September.  A performance over there will end up a tremendous sport year for our Spanish partner.

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