Paul Giblin has taken Ultra Endurance Running to a whole new level, after completing the End to End Trail - UK´s longest trail route in 29 days. Initially what he anticipated to be at around 1,961KM (1,215MILES), became significantly longer after some extra route navigation. Whatsmore, the route included over 52,000metres of vertical gain.

UltRun S Pack black

Performance trail running backpack, ultra-light, highly breathable, ideal to run 100 miles in total autonomy without any bouncing. Sold with 2x 500ml flasks.

Free Belt Pro blue

High-performance, no-bounce blue running belt to carry all essential equipment for up to 6h on the trail

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  • Ultra-Trail® du Mont Blanc - UTMB® 2021

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    From Glasgow, Scotland, Paul Giblin brings a wealth of strength and experience with over 10 years of ultra trail running.