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The swim was not as fast as usual, but a group of 6 including Bertrand Billard went out of the water with 3’ to 4’35 on the favorites Boris Stein (GER) and Victor Del Corral (ESP).
French Romain Guillaume pushed hard on the bike from the very firsts kilometers and rode alone until the end of the bike leg. Behind the French “pocket rocket”, Bertrand rode at his own high pace letting Boris go, known as to be a fast cyclist and good runner.
At T2, Romain arrived first with 8’34 lead on Boris Stein and 9’22 Bertrand Billard. Victor Del arrived in 6th with +13’ deficit on the lead!
The marathon, under such a heat and without shadow, reminds the athletes that nothing is done until the finish line. Whereas the three first athletes ran at the same pace, behind them, a chasing Victor Del Corral gained some time and took 2’ in 5k and ran the first 10k in 38’ taking the third place! As planned and agreed, Bertrand stopped at km15 because of post bike crash injury. At the 21k mark, Romain continued losing time on Boris and Victor. The German took the lead at km28, then Victor passed Romain and took the second place around km29. This ranking will remain the same until the end.

1. STEIN, Boris  DEU 08:27:32
2. DEL CORRAL MORALES, Victor  ESP 08:30:00 (fastest run split 2h42’04)
3. GUILLAUME, Romain  FRA 08:34:44

On the amateur side, COMPRESSPORT  Teams UP2 and Lemon Grass were on the startline. Whereas the goal for UP2 boys and girls was to try to get a slot for ironMan World Championship, the guys of Lemon Grass was there to simply achieve a personal challenge. They all did really well as 3 of the 6 UP2 athletes have been qualified for the World Championship, and 3 of the 4 Lemon Grass athletes finished in really good times!

Congratulations to all!

Magali Reymonenq  (UP2) wins her category in 11h37’10 – qualified

Itzi Barrenechea Crespo  (UP2) 2nd of her category in 11h11’04 – qualified

Sylvain Lebret  (UP2) 6th of his category in 9h45’53 – qualified

Arlindo Tavares  (UP2) in 10h14’37

David Colnel  (UP2) in 10h50’35

Cedric Biseuil  (Lemon Grass) in 11h10’49

Stephane Maintenaz  (UP2) in 11h49’49

Paul Pecriaux  (Lemon Grass) in 12h42’58 – Live the last meters of an IronMan

Mathieu Lagache  (Lemon Grass) in 14h24’21

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