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How to recover faster and relieve pain after prolonged, unusual or exhausting efforts?

We all need to improve our recovery to relieve pain after a hard sporting weekend! Let’s explain now how COMPRESSPORT® can help you in this Monthly News – Scientific approach article focused on exercises inducing muscle damages.

Unusual hard or prolonged efforts cause muscle damages !

Unusual prolonged or exhausting efforts will often result in muscle damages usually followed by a slow and painful recovery. Why? Because eccentric muscle contractions and the important oxygen consumption will increase muscle damages. Furthermore, the full healing of muscle damages requires inflammatory processes and edema which will induce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) (with a peak after 48 hrs). The DOMS may be extremely uncomfortable and last up to 7 days : walking normally becomes difficult and go down the stairs is almost impossible! The fatigue is installed and you have to wait some days before to restart your sports activities.


Help your body improve your recovery and comfort with COMPRESSPORT® Technology !

Pressing on the veins, the COMPRESSPORT® technology used during  your recovery activates the venous return (from +15 % to +25 %) and therefore prevents the inflammation and edema (until -100 %) [1, 2]. Consequently, the extent of muscle damage is reduced and the DOMS are limited (until -50 %) [2,3]. Moreover, the muscular performances which are reduced after prolonged, unusual or exhausting efforts are restored faster ! [2, 3].

MN 11-Graph

Figure 1 [2]. Perceived DOMS and squat jump height (index of muscular performances) relative to baseline (pre) following exercise-induced muscle damage.
: Values recorded when compression tights (ankle to hip) are worn during the recovery.
: Values recorded for passive recovery. Asterisks represent significant different between groups. 1, 24, 48, 72 and 96 indicates hours after the exercise.

Limit your DOMS with COMPRESSPORT® Compression Sleeves and Socks !

To prevent the inflammation, edema and limit the DOMS you have to compress your tired muscles. We suggest you to use the COMPRESSPORT® Full Legs or the combo R2 and ForQuad during the 1 or 2 h which follow a prolonged, unusual or exhausting effort. For longer periods or when you are strictly passive (travel in plane, bus, train or car for example), you may also use the COMPRESSPORT® Full Socks V2. Why do I need to use different products for active and passive recovery? Because you need to have a compression around the foot during your passive recovery to prevent the blood stagnation. Finally, the COMPRESSPORT® Armsleeves will help you for efforts involving the arms.


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About The Author


Dr. Arnaud M. comes from Besançon in France. He has a PhD in Life and Health Sciences and works at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon (EA 3920, Exercise Performance Health Innovation Laboratory). Arnaud is also the Scientist Manager for Compressport International. You can contact him at

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