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Compression sleeves, less vibration for enhanced performances.

Compressport compression sleeves act like a muscle support and keeps your muscles compact and solid. This limits the vibrations (-33 %) induced by the shocks with the ground leading to less lateral or vertical movement of your muscle and therefore less traction on tendon and muscle itself.

1/ Less vibration means less fatigue and muscle damage until -42%

The vibrations are known to cause muscle damage and accelerate fatigue… Therefore Compressport compression sleeves will help you during endurance exercise such as Trail Running or Marathon by limiting vibration and absorbing the shocks. You’ll be able to perform longer with an improved global comfort.

2/ Less vibration means less inflammation and DOMS until -50 %

Less muscle damage during the effort with Compressport compression sleeves means less subsequent inflammation and therefore less delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and better recovery.

3/ Less vibration means less risk of injuries or cramps until -29 %

Limiting vibrations, Compressport compression sleeves guarantee a better muscular maintain and ensure less stress on the tendons and muscle itself! Tendonitis, shin splints and muscular injuries are decreased by 29 %.


4/ Less vibration means better aerodynamic efficiency until +5 Watts

Less lateral or vertical movement of your muscle with Compressport compression sleeves also means better aerodynamic efficiency positively influencing cycling performance. For example wearing the Compressport R2 on your bike provides an economy of 5 Watts! That means a gain of 0.5 sec / km and therefore 1 min 30 on Ironman.

5/ Less vibration means help to have a better muscle contraction

Less muscle oscillation with Compressport compression sleeves also means better alignment of muscular fibre facilitating muscle contraction and consequently enhancement of explosive power such as vertical jump or sprint.

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