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Compression Clothing befits Cycling: Science proves it!

“My Compressport garments are fundamental to optimize my recovery. I usually use the full socks during travels…. by car, bus or plane… during transfers from the  races to the hotels….”  Peter Sagan, Pro Team Tinkoff Saxo

It is no coincidence Compressport® partnered 9 Pro Tour Cycling Teams on various cycling circuits during 2016, and is developing and promoting products that better suit the sport of cycling.  And if need be, science has brought to light the benefits compression clothing can bring to cycling performances.

Muscle Oxygenation = Toxins Elimination

  • Compression activates venous return to the heart and in so doing, improves overall blood circulation and oxygenates muscles by 15-20%. When muscles oxygenate, toxins are not allowed to stagnate. The Full Socks help eliminate toxins and lactates by almost 13% more than any other recovery medium and enables faster recovery.

Less Toxins = Delayed Pain = Less Swollen Legs

  • Compression eliminates toxins in the muscles. Pain is lessened so you stay focus on your performance. Muscle soreness, reduced by 50%, performance is reiterated. Improved venous return in the Full Leg guarantees light and fresh legs as the latter do not get swollen because of blood stagnation, especially when travelling by plane or bus from one race to another.


Limited Muscle Vibrations = Limited Injury 

  • Compression strengthens muscles and does not allow that they oscillate and get damaged. The Cycling Bib compression short helps absorb shocks, prevent injury, lessens fatigue and enhances cycling performances. Moreover, compression garments helps posture and so protects tendons and muscles from strain and stress.  Tendonitis, shin splints and muscular injuries are decreased by 29%.

Saving Energy = Better Aerodynamics

  • Compressport`s compression clothing such as the R2V2 Calf sleeves sports apparel help save energy (up to 5 watts!).  Not focusing on saving energy while biking, cyclists move forward easier and achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency.

Some references: Ménétrier A, Pinot J, Mourot L, Grappe F, Bouhaddi M, Regnard J and Tordi N (2014). Effects of recovery using contrast water therapy or compression stockings on subsequent 5-min cycling performance. J Sci Cycling 2:49-56 , ; Lussiana T, Terrillon A, Raynaud JL, Tordi N, Mourot L, Ménétrier A (2014). Dose-effect response of elastic compression on muscular vibrations. Sci Sports 30:101-104

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