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Scientific answers to the 10 most common questions related to sport compression


1. Will compression garments reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?

During the effort the compression sleeves keep your muscle compact and solid. This limits the vibration (-33 %) caused by the impact of the foot leading to less lateral or vertical movement of your muscle and therefore less traction on tendon and muscle itself. Less shock during the effort means less muscle damage and consequently less DOMS during the recovery (-50 %).

2. Is it true that compression garments can reduce the pain associated with intense exercise?

It is also recommended to wear your compression socks for a while longer after exercise, allowing your legs to benefit and recuperate optimally. Indeed muscles are considerably damaged from intense exercise and you continue to feel pain. Using the Compressport Full Socks or Full Legs you will save your legs from pain associated with intense exercise. They will provide you a great muscle support and you will feel lighter and mobile. Ready to play again.

3. Will compression garments enhance endurance performance?

The repetition of shocks during endurance exercise such as Trail Running or Marathon causes muscle damage and fatigue. Compression garments will help you by limiting vibration and absorbing the shocks (-33 %)! The fatigue will be delayed, the pain and micro-injuries will be reduced and you will be able to perform longer with a better global comfort.Thus you will be more resistant on the last kilometers of an endurance race when your competitors will slow down…

4. Can Compression Clothing Enhance Your Workout?

If you wear compression garments, you will feel the performance sensation at first glance. Compressport garments will help you during each training session to recover faster, to reduce pain (-50 %) and the risk of injuries (-29 %). Thus, day by day, your workouts will be improved as you will be ready perform again faster!

5. Can Compression Clothing Make Me a Better Athlete?

Using compression clothing can make the difference with your competitors. Increasing your proprioceptive feedback and facilitating muscle contraction you will be able to jump higher and sprint faster. Compression clothing will also delay the fatigue felt by absorbing shocks and reducing muscle damage (-33 %). Thus you will be more resistant on the last kilometers of an endurance race. Keeping your muscle compact and solid compression also ensures less traction on tendon and muscle itself. This preserves you from many injuries such as tendonitis, shin split or muscular injuries (-29 %). Finally, improving the muscle oxygenation (+15 to +25 %) and accelerating the elimination of blood lactate (elimination is faster from 13 % after only 10 min), your body will recover faster.


6. Can compression garments facilitate recovery in the hours following intense exercise and reduce blood lactate concentrations?

Muscle structures are considerably damaged from intense exercise. This affects blood circulation negatively: oxygen supply is hampered and drainage of lactic acid and other toxin stands still… Their concentration remains high in the muscle and may impair recovery and subsequent performances. That is why, you need to improve your blood flow circulation. Pressing on your veins compression socks activate your venous return (+20 % in few seconds) – like a pressure applied on the bottom of a tube of toothpaste causing the paste to rise outside the tube. This guarantees more oxygen for your muscle (+15 to +25 %), faster elimination of lactic acid and consequently better recovery (elimination of lactate is faster from 13 % after only 10 min). Ready to play again optimally!

7. Is wearing compression garments as effective as other recovery techniques?

As many other techniques using compression during recovery is based on blood circulation activation. This guarantees more oxygen for your muscles (+15 to +25 %), faster elimination of lactic acid (-13 %) and therefore better recovery. But for sure compression presents other advantages that other do not have… 1/ it is more practical to use: it does not require bath or physiotherapist! 2/ you can use for a long time after exercise allowing your legs to benefit and recuperate optimally. 3/ you can mix with other: after water immersion, massage or electro stimulation.

8. Compression garments enhance proprioception. What does it mean?

Compression improves your proprioceptive feedback! This provides a better balance which may help you in all sporting movements especially sprint and jump performances. Not convinced? Do your own experience. Close your eyes and extend one leg… Imagine your feet!? Visualized them!? Try to exactly situate them!? Difficult? Normal they are far from your brain. Now ask a friend to press on your feet. In one second it is easier to situate them… Right? Incredible! How does it work? Pressing on your feet, your friend activates some cutaneous and muscular receptors. The message goes up to the brain and you are able to feel better feedback! It is the same principle for Compressport garments designed to stimulate each proprioceptive receptors.

9.  Do compression garments enhance explosive power such as vertical jump?

Compression keeps your muscle compact and solid. This limits the vibration caused by the impact of the foot (-33 %) leading to less lateral or vertical movement of your muscle. Less muscle oscillation means better alignment of muscular fibre facilitating muscle contraction and consequently enhancement of explosive power such as vertical jump, sprint or direction changes.

10. Compression garments: Do they influence athletic performance and recovery?

Compression garments may positively influence any kind of athletic performance! Increasing your proprioceptive feedback and facilitating muscle contraction all disciplines involving jumps, sprints and direction changes will be improved. Absorbing shocks (-33 %) and reducing muscle damage fatigue during endurance effort will be delayed. Improving aerodynamics (economy of 5 Watts) cycling performance will be enhanced. Accelerating blood circulation muscle oxygenation will be improved (+15 to +25 %), blood lactate will be faster eliminated (-13 %) and therefore recovery will be improved. Finally you will also be less injured using compression (-29 %)!

Compression Compressport FAQ


Lucas Mazur was 3 years’ old when an AVC left him with an ankle deformity… and an unfailing optimism!

16 years later, Lucas is 3-time European champion and all-category reigning World champion (Simple, Double, Mixed Double) in his sport: PARA-BADMINTON and nothing seems to distract him from his goals:

• safeguard his World Champion title

• be a Para-Olympic Champion at Tokyo-2020 … or Paris-2024!

2017 will be a year of all challenges for Lucas and Compressport® is proud to be part of this adventure. 

CS: What has motivated your choice of Compressport®  compression clothing?

LM: When the Racket range of products was put on trial and test by the French Badminton Team I was impressed by the results, which completely convinced me of the benefits they bestow on performance. Since then I have not let go of my Racket products.

CS: How does Compression Clothing prove beneficial to your performance?

LM: My must-have products are the Quad, the Underwear Short, the On/Off Shirt and the Armforce. They allow me to be in good posture always and to support my muscles during effort. Because of my impairment, my back is much under strain when I go after the shuttlecock. My compression garments delay fatigue, limit injuries and protect my muscles.


CS: When do you use your compression clothing?

LM: Each garment accommodates my needs and I wear each as per the state of fatigue I find myself in and the level of recovery I wish to attain. 30 minutes before a match I wear my apparel to warm up, play in and recover in them 30 minutes after the match.

CS: Would you say that  Racket products contributed to your latest performances?

LM: Definitely! And that`s why I have renewed my trust in them. The sport that I practise requests that my physical condition be always at its best and compression clothing is of great help in my case.

CS: What`s on your agenda in 2017?

LM: I am preparing myself and working serenely at enrolling on the World Championship in Korea in November next. To do so, I will have to negotiate all the anterior tournaments: Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Japan, Peru and USA. 2017 will have to be better than 2016 and I have no intention of letting go of my world champion title.


Just one month ago, Jordi Gamito achieved the biggest result of his career to date with a podium in, undoubtedly, one of the biggest races in Ultra Trail Running, UTMB Mont Blanc. He now looks ahead to conclude his season on the Grand Raid de la Reunion at the end of October 2018.

To learn more about Jordi, the athlete and his life when he is off the tracks we have put to him 10 questions. The answers almost sum up the personage.

What do you do for a living?

I am not yet a full-time athlete… I hope one day I will be. But for now I must still work, so I have a part-time job working in construction 5 hours a day.

Where do you live?

I am from Playa De Aro on Catalunya´s Costa Brava coastline. But I live in the mountains in Camprodon, close to Pyrenees.

 Where do you train?

All my training is done in the vicinity of Camprodon. The mountains at the entrance of the Pyrenees are perfect for various mountain-terrain training.


What are your main hobbies?

During winter, I enjoy cross training with Ski Mountaineering. I live very close to some great skiing areas and I love to mix up my pre-season training with other activities. Also, I practise Muay Thai fighting, which is a great passion of mine.

What do you like to eat?

I like to eat everything, but sushi is my favourite.

What is your favourite place to travel to?

When I competed for Muay Thai, I spent a lot of time in Thailand. Since then it has become one of my favourite places in the world to travel to.


What do you do when you’re not working or training?

Normally I work, train and rest so I don’t have time for other activities. But when I can, I like to go out to eat with my partner and enjoy time with friends and family.

What is your favourite trail running race?

For sure, UTMB® ! There is something about the mountains, the people and the atmosphere around the event, which makes it very special to me and gives me a great motivation to return there every year.

What is your favourite music?

My favourite group is AC-DC and their song ¨It’s a long way to the top¨.

What is your favourite movie?

Kick Boxer, starring Jean Claude Van Damme.

Jordi`s last trail programme for the rest of 2018 will be to run the Ultra Pirineu during the last weekend of September.  A performance over there will end up a tremendous sport year for our Spanish partner.



Among Compressport`s revolutionary compressive calf sleeves is the R2V2 which has been developed for athletes suffering from some knee weakness or for those athletes running extreme races. Reputed to procure unequalled effects, it reduces vibrations by 33% and improves venous return by 20%. In the R2V2, compression is optimal (around 25 mmHg on the calf) and protection is to the fullest.


The Pro R2 Swiss has been totally re-thought making it more elastic by 107% when compared to the R2V2.  It hugs the calves perfectly and any bulging whichever size it gets, especially during ascents or fast activities. Warding off muscle fatigue it facilitates prolonged performance.

Compression Calf Sleeves by Compressport


And the latest R2 Oxygen confirms Compressport`s mastery in compressive calf sleeves. Thanks to the new generation of compression tubes and ventilated strips directly integrated in the compression and months of research and development, the R2 Oxygen brings full support to the back of the calf protecting it from vibrations while ventilating the front muscles.


Beyond the inherent characteristics of each calf sleeve, choosing the right sleeve for the right sport will depend on who wears it. The level of training, the intensity of effort and the physiological benefits being sought will also have to be taken into account!

Compressive Calf SleevesHere`s a table that will help you choose accordingly.

frequency of traning

Further interpretation will be as follows



While the R2V2 works at fully protecting the sensible muscles and tendons, the R2 Oxygen puts the cursor higher and points more towards comfort and performance. All is in the extra fine and super flexible fabrics the calf sleeve is made in. Unparalleled comfort tested on trailers and demanding triathletes reached 9,4 on the 10-level scale!


If you are looking for compressive apparel that helps challenge the limits and achieve maximum performance, get your R2 Oxygen soon. It works for all extreme runs such as trails, triathlons or marathons and even more under extremely hot conditions.

Pierra Menta Eté 2015 – Astuces et conseils d’entrainement

Sur les traces de la célèbre course de ski alpinisme version trail running, la Pierra Menta Eté se déroule sur 3 jours, par équipe de 2, sur une distance totale de 70KM avec plus de 7000 mètres de dénivelé positif. Cette course, de par sa difficulté, est tout de suite devenue une référence en France.


L’année dernière, les deux athlètes COMPRESSPORT® Espagne Toti Bes et David Coma ont remporté la première édition de cette course déjà mythique. Nous avons demandé à nos champions de partager avec vous leurs astuces et conseils d’entrainement pour que vous puissiez performer lors de l’édition 2016.

Toti Bes

Les astuces et conseils d’entrainement de Toti Bes : 

C’est vraiment spécial de courir dans les montagnes avec mon ami David Coma. Nous avons tous les deux les mêmes niveaux que ça soit sur le plan physique que technique. C’est un point très important car nous avons pu nous motiver mutuellement. Donc avoir un partenaire du même niveau sera un avatange pour votre équipe. Vous devez impérativement vous entrainez sur des trails similaires à ceux de la Pierra Menta Eté. Se familiariser à l’altitude serait un plus non négligeable dans la mesure où cette course se déroule sur des sentiers en haute montagne. De plus, il est impossible de courir du début à la fin, ainsi, préparez-vous à une randonnée bien rythmée. Evidemment, il est primordial d’avoir une nutrition adaptée pendant la course et une récupération optimale entre les différentes étapes.

David Coma

Les astuces et conseils d’entrainement de David Coma:

Il est impératif d’avoir une nutrition adaptée avant, pendant et après chaque étape tout comme avoir un coéquipier avec lequel vous vous entendez bien. Connaître ses forces et faiblesses sera un avantage non négligeable quand il s’agira de le motiver ou même quand vous aurez besoin d’être tiré vers le haut. Un dernier mot pour dire que le plaisir passe avant tout, de ne pas oublier de profiter de l’environnement ; routes, villages, habitants, gastronomie locale et surtout de ramener chez vous plein de bons souvenirs.



Though not a World Tour race, Portugal`s Volta Algarve is a major sports event every year. The 2017 edition held from the 15th to the 19th of February held all its promises.

Primoz Roglic wins overall leaving the time trial to Jonathan Castroviejo 

Our Slovenian teammate made it to the 3rd place on the time trial but overall, after 19hours 4 minutes and 3 seconds, and without winning any of the five races, puts Lotto-NL Jumbo on the highest step of the podium, followed by Team Sky`s Michael Kwiatowski.

Jumbo-824x400 On 4 of the 5 stages, Compressport`s teammates assert themselves as cycling pros and made it to the top of the table. A remarkable performance to be noted from Lotto Soudal`s Andre Griepel (Stage 4), Quick-Step Floors` Fernado Gaviria (Stage 1) and Daniel Martin (Stage 2) and John Degenkolb from Trek-Segafredo (Stage 4).

Erick Agüero sets a new national record in compression clothing!

Who else but the local boy to make a mark on the Costa Rican Coastal Challenge. In Compressport`s compression clothing, Agüero grasps the 4th place, overall, with a time of 24:57:43. By so doing he beats the national record by 2 hours!

Gabi Molina finished her week`s challenge in the most classy manner: a 10th overall place in the women`s league. Time: 37:00:44.

Other Lands… Other Tracks… Other Wins…

Alejandro Valverde from Movistar was a pedal faster than him but Alberto Contador must be proud of his overall 2nd place at the Spanish Ruta del Sol.


David Hauss, new Compressport recruit, is beginning to set the statistics in his favour. Last weekend, he won the Antiguan Olympic Distance Triathlon in 2h01.


 Craig Alexander goes on winning the Australian Husky Long Course Triathlon.


Tireless Michael Wardian stays in New Zealand after Tarawera, and wins a 6th place at the Shotover Moonlight Marathon.

The tough Hajar Ultra Race in the Emirates and its +4500 vertical meters did not deter Bulgarian Andrey Gridin from reaching the finish line first.

Stay tuned to Compressport ® for upcoming events and results.

Compression Clothing – Coz I’m worth it!

Week N° 28 of 2017, 2nd Week of the Tour de France and it was also another tremendous week for our partner athletes as they perform around the world in their favourite compression apparel.


While almost all professional cyclists continue hunting after the yellow jersey on the French Tour and enter their 3rd week of competition, Compressport® colours flew high on the tracks from Switzerland to Britain and the US.

Will CLARKE went to Bolton, UK and wins his ticket to Kona, Hawai

After Frankfurt, the weekend before, it was UK`s Bolton turn to welcome the IRONMAN event. Good weather, good public and overall good conditions were the necessary ingredients for the vent to be memorable. And again Bolton`s IRONMAN was mandatory for many in their ultimate goal: secure their participation ticket to Kona 2017.


Will CLARKE of BMC Etixx was one of them. Geared in his favourite compression clothing, the R2V2, Will fought fiercely to retain his second place (the first one would definitely be French Cyril Viennot`s). At one moment, Will so tightly clenched to that second place that he was finally penalized by 4 minutes. Not at all perturbed, he forced himself to his limits to catch up and legitimately got his 2nd most envied place. His ticket for Kona was in pocket!

 Joe GAMBLES was in Racine, US for another IRONMAN 70.3 event

It was cold in Wisconsin this 17th July 2017 for one of the biggest races in the US! So cold, that the swim run of the IRONMAN Racine had to be cancelled, to the dismay of all the participants. Winds were strong as well but not enough however to deter them from getting on their bike and tackle the 56-mile tour of the Racine Zoo and the beautiful Lake of Michigan.

Compressport`s Joe GAMBLES, Matt HANSON and Matt CHRABOT were in the starting blocks. Battling against the strong winds, they managed to sustain a respective 3rd, 5th and 7th place before the final race.


Eventually, after the 13.1-mile run, Joe GAMBLES crossed the finish line at the 3rd place, confirming his big return to the podium after that of June in Australia.

Mauricio MENDEZ makes it 2nd at the XTERRA Beever Creek

Conditions were perfect in Colorado and on the Rocky Mountains, where the stage was set to welcome the 7th stop on Pan American Tour. Early in the season he had been battling around the world for some IRONMAN sensations and in Colorado our Mexican partner, Mauricio MENDEZ came to enjoy the dirt-racing event.

mendez mauricio 824x400

Though he had the lead after the swim run, Mauricio let go of some precious pedal strokes to Josiah Middaugh who jumped on the occasion and ran to the finish line 41 seconds ahead of Mauricio. Our Mexican talent is well set on track for other great performances!

Jordi GAMITO overcomes injury and makes it 3rd on the Eiger Ultra Trail

The Eiger Ultra Trail is a must-go detour on the Ultra Trail World Tour, where runners set up to climb 6700 vertical meters over 10 Km.

Jordi GamitoJordi GAMITO has been on the sidelines for one month because of injury and his comeback to competition has been more than just satisfactory after the fantastic 3rd place he determinedly and strongly secured on the ultra trail.

We now focus on the second half of the season where much will be expected from our talented athletes. The Tour de France will close up after 3 weeks of exhilarating cycling, Nice will welcome its IRONMAN event and many more events are scheduled on the various continents.

Stay tuned here while the results continue to flow in!


In 50 shades the Ironman series definitely will be during the whole year of 2017 but this weekend we already had a glimpse of some of them – in Taiwan, Campeche and Puerto Rico.

Several Compressport Athletes dared to test their potential on these Half-Ironman tracks and they prove no less but impressive and have, in their respective compressive gear, performed to the finish line brilliantly!

It seems nothing is going to stop Ruedi WILD!

All things come in threes apparently – and even more may be – for Ruedi WILD. After a third place in Dubai, the great win in Subic Bay, Ruedi maintains his present momentum, and wins the Taiwanese edition, even though the challenge from a talented pack never receded.

Riedi WIld 824x400His mind on the finish line Ruedi took his first advantage during the swim and bike runs. A boulevard opened ahead of him and he needed no more encouragement to run his best over the last kilometres of the triathlon and stopped the chrono at 3:42:55, almost 3 minutes ahead of the runner up.

Mauricio MENDEZ, the new Mexican gem, adopts compression gear

There`s nothing better for the morale than making the first best impression before one`s own peers. In Campeche, Mexico, Mauricio MENDEZ was at home and he did not let himself be intimidated by the high-class competitors who made the trip.

mendez mauricio 824x400

3rd after the swim event and 4th out of the bike race, Maurico, newcomer to the Compressport Team,  stayed focused and put all his remaining energy in the last run and brings the 4th place home.

A great morning it was in Puerto Rico for the Canadian Team

And one of them was Taylor REID and not the least! REID opened his 2017 season with a great win, finishing his 3-course race in 3:49:50. The next runner-up, Andy POTTS, was 2 minutes behind.

Taylor_Reid 824x400During this Ironman 70.3 series in Puerto Rico, the Canadian placed 4 athletes in the top 10. 

Mallorca hosted the K42 Marathon

This mountain race in one of the prettiest parts of the Spanish island attracted some trail talents, two of whom, Casey MORGAN and Jordi GAMITO, flew high the colours of Compressport.

jordi gamito 824x400

Jordi fought up to his last pace to bring the gold medal.

Unfortunately, Morgan had to abandon after an ankle injury.

Australia: Javier Gomez NOYA comes 4th in the Super League Triathlon

25 of the World`s best triathletes were reunited to run the 3-day race over various distances and handicaps each day. South African Richard Murray over-classed the whole pack to win the $100 000 pay check. Javier Gomez NOYA, Cameron DYE and Brent McMAHON were Compressport representatives on this Super League.

Javier Noya  824x400 Noya came out of the race 4th overall, while Dye took the win in the Individual Time Trial.

Trail World Championships – Pre-selection is ON!

And it all began on the tough track of Mount Ventoux, in Frane Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The French Team had to earn its selection and our partners David HAUSS and Ludovic POMMERET  had to put in their contribution. After his tremendous effort on last week`s Pierra Menta, Ludovic managed to take the 2nd place, enough to win himself a well deserved selection. David Hauss crossed the finish line at the 18th place.

They won too…

Pedro GOMES was 1st at the Toughman Arizona

Sage CANADAY comes 3rd in the Chuckanut 50K.

Elena CECCHINI wins a 5th place at the Trofeo Alfredo Binda WOmens World Cup.

Julian ALAPHILIPPE came 3rd in the Milan-Sanremo Classic.

Our African partner, Run2gether Team makes a great debut for the young Kenyan runners.

Stay tuned and more results are coming to you just here !

Compression Apparel takes our Trail Stars to the Top

During this first weekend of December 2016 our partner athletes ran everywhere in the world. They braved all the hoops and hurdles, climbed all verticals and fought cramps and pains but never gave up in their compression outfits!

In Kangaroo Land, she confirms her Ironman status…


… and at the end of the day sets the record at 8h54’39”!! Melissa HAUSCHILDT was home this weekend and she made it clear that IRONMAN WESTERN AUSTRALIA  would be hers and no one else`s… Fighting cramps and tough competition from German Mareen Hufe and American Sarah Piampiano, Melissa swam, biked and ran with full strength and in full control and never gave up on the lead.

Meanwhile Hong Kong was hosting….


… the 2016 ASIAN SKYRUNNING CHAMPIONSHIPS and our partner athletes Ludovic POMMERET and  Julien CHORIER had two days of fantastic runs and climbs to finish respectively 3rd and 7th. Their compression apparel definitely helped during the race.

Casey MORGAN did it again!

And this time he was not alone to revel in victory, which he shared with acolyte Miquel CAPO. All this happened during the ULTRA TRAMUNTANA TRAVESSA on the island of Mallorca. After 127 Km and 4800 meters of vertical climbing and high performance, both MORGAN and CAPO came 1st at the finish line.


Other Races…Other Compression Apparel…Other Wins


Aurelien DUNAND-PALLAZ, second in the Trail de l’Arclusaz, wins the LAVY DES CIMES in Annecy.

Guilio MOLINARI could not have dreamt a better end to his sporting year when he tops the overall ranking of the ITU LONG DISTANCE TRIATHLON.

Bertrand BILLARD takes the win after 26 kilometres of running and 700 metres of climbing in the MIREVAL TRAIL.

Other Tracks…Next Ventures

IRONMAN 70.3 both in New Zealand and Bahrain.

Stay tuned fo the next results and continue to sport in and with Compressport®


… and signs a 3-year partnership with Compressport® branded line of triathlon wear.

“I am really excited to partner with Compressport® in 2017… I have always aligned myself with brands that seek to bring quality and innovation to the sport of triathlon, so working with Compressport is an easy and exciting opportunity.”

The Colorado Kid has come a long way since he first set foot on a tri track at the age of 15! 16 years later Cameron DYE is a force to be reckoned with on the World Circuit.

When he fist started to try himself at swim runs and races his only modest ambition was to be his hometown hero, and to be among those few Boulder pros to make it to the regionals!

Fan of the Olympic distances, his limits went far beyond the Boulder region! With a long track record that starts with Olympic Distance events, passionate Cameron DYE was eager for more adrenaline surges.


After a standout 2012 season during which his best performances included tremendous wins at the New York City Triathlon and the Toyota Cup Series he was recognised 2012 Non-Olympic/ITU Triathlete of the year by USA Triathlon.

Cameron DYE as partner amongst already-famed Compressport® Team is definitely an event! For the following three years Dye will be wearing his customized compression clothing together with other Compressport branded products and accessories. And we look forward to fantastic performances together on the World`s tracks!