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Though not a World Tour race, Portugal`s Volta Algarve is a major sports event every year. The 2017 edition held from the 15th to the 19th of February held all its promises.

Primoz Roglic wins overall leaving the time trial to Jonathan Castroviejo 

Our Slovenian teammate made it to the 3rd place on the time trial but overall, after 19hours 4 minutes and 3 seconds, and without winning any of the five races, puts Lotto-NL Jumbo on the highest step of the podium, followed by Team Sky`s Michael Kwiatowski.

Jumbo-824x400 On 4 of the 5 stages, Compressport`s teammates assert themselves as cycling pros and made it to the top of the table. A remarkable performance to be noted from Lotto Soudal`s Andre Griepel (Stage 4), Quick-Step Floors` Fernado Gaviria (Stage 1) and Daniel Martin (Stage 2) and John Degenkolb from Trek-Segafredo (Stage 4).

Erick Agüero sets a new national record in compression clothing!

Who else but the local boy to make a mark on the Costa Rican Coastal Challenge. In Compressport`s compression clothing, Agüero grasps the 4th place, overall, with a time of 24:57:43. By so doing he beats the national record by 2 hours!

Gabi Molina finished her week`s challenge in the most classy manner: a 10th overall place in the women`s league. Time: 37:00:44.

Other Lands… Other Tracks… Other Wins…

Alejandro Valverde from Movistar was a pedal faster than him but Alberto Contador must be proud of his overall 2nd place at the Spanish Ruta del Sol.


David Hauss, new Compressport recruit, is beginning to set the statistics in his favour. Last weekend, he won the Antiguan Olympic Distance Triathlon in 2h01.


 Craig Alexander goes on winning the Australian Husky Long Course Triathlon.


Tireless Michael Wardian stays in New Zealand after Tarawera, and wins a 6th place at the Shotover Moonlight Marathon.

The tough Hajar Ultra Race in the Emirates and its +4500 vertical meters did not deter Bulgarian Andrey Gridin from reaching the finish line first.

Stay tuned to Compressport ® for upcoming events and results.

Top 5 Super Foods for Endurance Athletes

Athletes, in particular endurance athletes, understand that eating healthy is important for optimal performance and fast recovery. Making the right decision at the table can have a big impact on just how long and strong you can go in a workout. “Super foods” is a term used to identify foods with added health benefits. Here are the top five super foods that every endurance athletes should consider adding to their daily diet.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate high in soluble fiber. Many don’t know but oatmeal is also an excellent source of protein. But there is a lot more to Oatmeal. Oatmeal is recommended for athletes for many reasons. First of all, it is a good source of Magnesium. Magnesium is mineral that helps to relieve from sore muscles, stimulate muscle repair and regrowth. Oatmeal is also rich in Vitamin B. Vitamins B are necessary for a healthy metabolism, energy and muscle function. And last but not least, Oatmeal is an iron rich food. And athletes need iron to maintain energy.

2. Kale

Kale is powerhouse vegetable that contains many beneficial properties for athletes. Kale is an excellent source of iron, manganese, vitamins K, A, and C. One cup of kale offers only 35 calories, 5 grams of fiber and no fat. Its phytonutrients have been linked to prevent cancer.

3. Milk

Milk still reigns in at number one as an ideal post exercise and muscle recovery beverage for endurance athletes. Milk is a rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. Milk is rapidly absorbed and metabolized by the body, thus providing almost immediate energy during and replenishes quickly post exercise.

Another beneficial property is that when carbohydrates and proteins are consumed together, muscle tissues tend to be repaired at a much faster rate than if consumed alone.

4. Bananas

Bananas have been a long time favorite among athletes. They are one of the best pre- and post- workout snacks.  Bananas are best known for being an excellent source of potassium. Potassium plays a key role in muscle recovery and soreness. It also helps regulate body water and promotes healthy bones. But there is more. Bananas are also rich in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

5. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have rapidly become the most popular of the super foods among athletes.  Chia seeds are high in fiber, antioxidants, calcium, iron and protein.  They also contain a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds have been identified as the food that helps to provide sustained energy, to fight deshydratation, to accelerate recovery and to increase weight loss.

What makes chia seeds so popular among athletes is that it a nutrient dense food.  For example, in just two tablespoons, chia seeds offer 10 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more antioxidants than blueberries and more omega-3 than salmon.


In 50 shades the Ironman series definitely will be during the whole year of 2017 but this weekend we already had a glimpse of some of them – in Taiwan, Campeche and Puerto Rico.

Several Compressport Athletes dared to test their potential on these Half-Ironman tracks and they prove no less but impressive and have, in their respective compressive gear, performed to the finish line brilliantly!

It seems nothing is going to stop Ruedi WILD!

All things come in threes apparently – and even more may be – for Ruedi WILD. After a third place in Dubai, the great win in Subic Bay, Ruedi maintains his present momentum, and wins the Taiwanese edition, even though the challenge from a talented pack never receded.

Riedi WIld 824x400His mind on the finish line Ruedi took his first advantage during the swim and bike runs. A boulevard opened ahead of him and he needed no more encouragement to run his best over the last kilometres of the triathlon and stopped the chrono at 3:42:55, almost 3 minutes ahead of the runner up.

Mauricio MENDEZ, the new Mexican gem, adopts compression gear

There`s nothing better for the morale than making the first best impression before one`s own peers. In Campeche, Mexico, Mauricio MENDEZ was at home and he did not let himself be intimidated by the high-class competitors who made the trip.

mendez mauricio 824x400

3rd after the swim event and 4th out of the bike race, Maurico, newcomer to the Compressport Team,  stayed focused and put all his remaining energy in the last run and brings the 4th place home.

A great morning it was in Puerto Rico for the Canadian Team

And one of them was Taylor REID and not the least! REID opened his 2017 season with a great win, finishing his 3-course race in 3:49:50. The next runner-up, Andy POTTS, was 2 minutes behind.

Taylor_Reid 824x400During this Ironman 70.3 series in Puerto Rico, the Canadian placed 4 athletes in the top 10. 

Mallorca hosted the K42 Marathon

This mountain race in one of the prettiest parts of the Spanish island attracted some trail talents, two of whom, Casey MORGAN and Jordi GAMITO, flew high the colours of Compressport.

jordi gamito 824x400

Jordi fought up to his last pace to bring the gold medal.

Unfortunately, Morgan had to abandon after an ankle injury.

Australia: Javier Gomez NOYA comes 4th in the Super League Triathlon

25 of the World`s best triathletes were reunited to run the 3-day race over various distances and handicaps each day. South African Richard Murray over-classed the whole pack to win the $100 000 pay check. Javier Gomez NOYA, Cameron DYE and Brent McMAHON were Compressport representatives on this Super League.

Javier Noya  824x400 Noya came out of the race 4th overall, while Dye took the win in the Individual Time Trial.

Trail World Championships – Pre-selection is ON!

And it all began on the tough track of Mount Ventoux, in Frane Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The French Team had to earn its selection and our partners David HAUSS and Ludovic POMMERET  had to put in their contribution. After his tremendous effort on last week`s Pierra Menta, Ludovic managed to take the 2nd place, enough to win himself a well deserved selection. David Hauss crossed the finish line at the 18th place.

They won too…

Pedro GOMES was 1st at the Toughman Arizona

Sage CANADAY comes 3rd in the Chuckanut 50K.

Elena CECCHINI wins a 5th place at the Trofeo Alfredo Binda WOmens World Cup.

Julian ALAPHILIPPE came 3rd in the Milan-Sanremo Classic.

Our African partner, Run2gether Team makes a great debut for the young Kenyan runners.

Stay tuned and more results are coming to you just here !

Are you listening to music while running?

Are you listening to music while running? We asked COMPRESSPORT® pro athletes to answer this question. Sometimes during a race, while training or just during rest times, here their answers.

FERNANDA MACIEL, Brazil, Ultra Trail Runner. 

1. Ed Sheeran – The A Team [Official Video]

2. Pitbull – Time Of Our Lives (Lyric) ft. Ne-Yo

 3. Ariana Grande – One Last Time 

 4. John Legend – All of me  

5. AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill

Gediminas GriniusLithuania, Ultra Trail Runner. 

1. Alex Clare – Too Close 

2. Bill Conti – Eye of the Tiger 

3. Slow train soul – Twisted cupid

4. Django Django – Hail Bop

5. Chris Botti – The look of love 

Sebastien ChaigneauFrench, Ultra Trail Runner. 

1. U2 – With or Without you 

2. Muse – Uprising 

3. Imagine Dragon – Demons  

4. Sia – Chandelier 

5. David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia

Julien ChorierFrench, Ultra Trail Runner. 

1. Supertramp – Bloody Well Right

2. U2 – The Miracle 

3. The Lumineers – Submarines  


Et where else but in Livigno, his natal land… Tadei Pivk has been kept on the sidelines since the beginning of the season due to injury. But his mind fixed on a consecutive win on the Livigno Sky Classic, after the 2016 podium, he registered at the last minute and soon was tipped as one of the favourites!

Willpower, Compression Clothing and Guts

That`s what it takes to brave the highly technical 34Km-race is and reaches 3000 m in altitude and every year attracts the cream of professional sky-runners. Tadei had to battle hard to get rid of Aritz Egea who clung to his heels for most of the race.

Tadei-Pivk-824x400Out of this duel Tadei proved the best as he claimed victory at 3:52:42 and signs in the most fantastic way his most wished comeback. Bravissimo Signor Tadei !

Leanda CAVE – The perennial regular of Ironman® podiums!

im-costa-rica-824x400Guts has she got too, our USA-based triathlete for whom hurdles are meant to be overcome rather than let them have their say! Leanda CAVE literally comes from far to claim victory in Costa Rican Playa del Coco where the inaugural Ironman® 70.3 race was held.

Out of the swim and bike races Leanda was kind of sandwiched between her two ferocious acolytes from the USA who had no intention of letting go of any parcel of the ground!

But when Cave wants, Cave will! At the start of the running part of the event she took charge very early, forced her pace all through and barged her opponents out of her way up to the finish line. 

Staffordshire plays host to Ironman® 70.3

While heat is soaring over whole Europe, England offered the perfect conditions and welcomed a flock of the best triathletes for a memorable swim-bike-run contest.

Giulio Molinari and Roman Guillaume ruled over the race and both were never far from each other over the three phases of the game! Guilio took the best of it finishing his race at 4:01:10 after a fantastic run split that left everyone in his wake.


Romain clung to his 2nd place with ferocity and never gave up on it ! He was 2 minutes behind Molinari.


In stealing the show during this third weekend of June, in Costa Rica, Italy and England, Compressport® teammates prove again that compression clothing can be no stranger to strong performances on the tracks!

Compression Clothing – Coz I’m worth it!

Week N° 28 of 2017, 2nd Week of the Tour de France and it was also another tremendous week for our partner athletes as they perform around the world in their favourite compression apparel.


While almost all professional cyclists continue hunting after the yellow jersey on the French Tour and enter their 3rd week of competition, Compressport® colours flew high on the tracks from Switzerland to Britain and the US.

Will CLARKE went to Bolton, UK and wins his ticket to Kona, Hawai

After Frankfurt, the weekend before, it was UK`s Bolton turn to welcome the IRONMAN event. Good weather, good public and overall good conditions were the necessary ingredients for the vent to be memorable. And again Bolton`s IRONMAN was mandatory for many in their ultimate goal: secure their participation ticket to Kona 2017.


Will CLARKE of BMC Etixx was one of them. Geared in his favourite compression clothing, the R2V2, Will fought fiercely to retain his second place (the first one would definitely be French Cyril Viennot`s). At one moment, Will so tightly clenched to that second place that he was finally penalized by 4 minutes. Not at all perturbed, he forced himself to his limits to catch up and legitimately got his 2nd most envied place. His ticket for Kona was in pocket!

 Joe GAMBLES was in Racine, US for another IRONMAN 70.3 event

It was cold in Wisconsin this 17th July 2017 for one of the biggest races in the US! So cold, that the swim run of the IRONMAN Racine had to be cancelled, to the dismay of all the participants. Winds were strong as well but not enough however to deter them from getting on their bike and tackle the 56-mile tour of the Racine Zoo and the beautiful Lake of Michigan.

Compressport`s Joe GAMBLES, Matt HANSON and Matt CHRABOT were in the starting blocks. Battling against the strong winds, they managed to sustain a respective 3rd, 5th and 7th place before the final race.


Eventually, after the 13.1-mile run, Joe GAMBLES crossed the finish line at the 3rd place, confirming his big return to the podium after that of June in Australia.

Mauricio MENDEZ makes it 2nd at the XTERRA Beever Creek

Conditions were perfect in Colorado and on the Rocky Mountains, where the stage was set to welcome the 7th stop on Pan American Tour. Early in the season he had been battling around the world for some IRONMAN sensations and in Colorado our Mexican partner, Mauricio MENDEZ came to enjoy the dirt-racing event.

mendez mauricio 824x400

Though he had the lead after the swim run, Mauricio let go of some precious pedal strokes to Josiah Middaugh who jumped on the occasion and ran to the finish line 41 seconds ahead of Mauricio. Our Mexican talent is well set on track for other great performances!

Jordi GAMITO overcomes injury and makes it 3rd on the Eiger Ultra Trail

The Eiger Ultra Trail is a must-go detour on the Ultra Trail World Tour, where runners set up to climb 6700 vertical meters over 10 Km.

Jordi GamitoJordi GAMITO has been on the sidelines for one month because of injury and his comeback to competition has been more than just satisfactory after the fantastic 3rd place he determinedly and strongly secured on the ultra trail.

We now focus on the second half of the season where much will be expected from our talented athletes. The Tour de France will close up after 3 weeks of exhilarating cycling, Nice will welcome its IRONMAN event and many more events are scheduled on the various continents.

Stay tuned here while the results continue to flow in!


One of the last recruits in Compressport team this year is Chloé Mésic, squash professional. Her route to squash has been more than unusual. Destined to climbing sports, she gets herself caught-up in squash because her mother missed the inscription date for climbing!

Not so much enthusiast at the beginning, Chloé finally took a liking – and rightfully indeed – to squash and today ranks herself 3rd best French female player, 63rd World best and medalist at the last world championships with the French Team.

Chloé Mésic confesses being a regular user of compression clothing since she discovered Compressport`s range of products.

These past 6 years, I have been using the compression running products and have been delighted by them. I wear them during my training sessions and when I`m playing a match. When the Racket range was designed I voluntarily proposed to represent the brand.

What do you find in compression clothing?

Compression clothing has many increasing benefits both during my training sessions and during matches. I never let go of my Full Socks when I travel because they limit leg swelling and numbness. They are comfortable to wear and last long. Mine are as good as new after 6 years service!

My R2 calf sleeves are essential at keeping my legs as light as possible during intense continuous effort. I always wear them while working oit before a match. They limit muscle vibrations and give support to my Achilles tendon which is highly stained in squash.

824x400The Quad and Underwear Compression Short make a unique compressive duo on my thighs, giving support, compression and comfort. The light and comfortable On/Off T-shirt keeps the body in perfect posture and straight irrespective of fatigue and when the back is under strain.

How do you prepare yourself before a match and how do you prevent injury?

I have been fortunate enough not to be injured since I began squash. A rational reason to that would be my genetic disposition – solid and flexible joints. I also work on my biomechanics by adopting the ideal way of moving on the court so as to limit injury. Last but not least, I take good care of my diet, my recovery and medical check-ups. Compressport Racket products help a lot in the recovery process – electro-simulation, massage and stretching.


What are your future goals?

First, be in the World Top 40, win my first international PSA Tour, make it ot the podium during the French Elite championship and be European Champion with my team.

How important is recovery within cycling?

How important is recovery within cycling?

BMX, mountain bike or cycling track:

One day long competition includes multiples efforts – series and finals  – repeated in a short period of time. Many disciplines are concerned such as BMX, mountain bike or cycling track. Each time, you accumulate blood toxins and your energy reserves decrease, causing leg pains and the fatigue to appear earlier for subsequent performances. In consequence you have to find solution to stay strong for finals!

Multi-stages races or training camps

Prolonged and hard efforts such as an Alpine stage induce muscle damage followed by a slow and painful recovery. The full restoration of the damage requires inflammatory processes and edema which cause delayed onset muscle soreness: DOMS with peak after 48 h. The DOMS may be extremely uncomfortable and last up to 5 days. Walking normally becomes difficult and go down the stairs is almost impossible! The fatigue is installed and you have to wait some days before to perform again! Consequently you have to quickly react!


What role can compression garments play within recovery?

The gravity causes the blood to stagnate in the legs. To allow the blood return to the heart, the veins are used and the calf plays a key role. When the calf muscles contract they press on the veins and activates the venous return – like a pressure applied on a tube of toothpaste causing the past to rise outside tube.

Without sufficient full calf contraction (it is the case during recovery), the blood will accumulate in the legs causing their swelling with pain and discomfort aggravating recovery process with more inflammation, muscle damage and DOMS. Who never felt a sensation of heavy legs after a long trip in plane or car (after a competition but also before)?!

Pressing on the muscles the Compressport compression reinforces continuously the pump action of the calves. Consequently the venous return is improved: the blood circulation is increased +20 %, the swelling is prevented: -100 % and the pain and discomfort are deleted!


What is the science behind compression garments effect on an cyclists muscles?

BMX, mountain bike or cycling track:

To stay strong for finals help your body – use the compression! Indeed the venous return improvement observed with Compressport causes an increase of the overall circulation. Consequently compared with a passive recovery, the muscular oxygen supply (necessary to restore the energy reserves) is improved: +25 % and the toxins removal is facilitated: 13 % of lactate in less after 15 min. In conclusion the recovery process is accelerated and the subsequent performances are improved: +7 W for a second 5-min maximal trial repeated after 15 min.

Multi-stages races or training camps

Improving the venous return, Compressport prevents the blood stagnation and therefore the inflammation and edema: -100 %. Consequently, the extent of muscle damage is reduced and the DOMS are limited: -50 %. You will be ready to perform again!

20150707052425 (2)

Compressport recommendations

For quickly eliminating the toxins, restoring the energy reserves and preventing the inflammation and DOMS you have to compress your tired muscles. The best product to recover for short periods (until 2 h) is the Compressport Full Legs. For longer periods or when you stay still (long trip in plane or bus) you will have to use the Compressport Full Socks V2: need to compress the foot to prevent the blood stagnation at this level.


References: Compressport was subject to more 10 scientific published studies. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.

Trail runners Rock with the Clouds and Roll down Vegas

The best compression socks and the most efficient calf sleeves among others prove again that compression apparel helps achieve the best performances, even more when trails get harder at the highest of altitudes or lighter and funkier, on the road to Vegas!  And Compressport® did not miss the opportunity to prove it via their athlete partners.


Kms: 160   –   Duration: 6 days   –   Altitude gained : +29 000 meters


Compressport® is partner of the Everest Trail Race since 2012 and again this year places its best partners on the podium (or next to it) after completion of the first 4 stages. 

– 2ND : Miguel CAPO 

– 3RD : Casey MORGAN


Passang Lama was unbeatable winning Stages 1, 3 and 4 while Miguel Capo and Casey Morgan cling to his heels for the 2nd and 3rd places.  



… and enters the Guinness Book of records when he cruises to victory during the Las Vegas Marathon in 2h38.  His 2015-2016-season finale in Elvis’ outfit almost completes an unchained melody of high times on the tracks.  


Thiago Vinhal was the 2nd Ironman in Malaysia while Lisa Roberts was on the 3rd step of the IRONMAN® 70.3 Podium in Xiamen.  

In Catalonia, there could be no better winner than native son Pau Capell who, in Compressport® of which he he prefers the full socks, grasps the win on the 11-Km Cursa de la Ratafia. 


It will continue to run in USA and Brazil for the Ironman series.

Stay tuned for the outcome and continue to sport in and with Compressport®.

Meet Europe On Foot – 10,000Km from Portugal to Turkey

I’ve read somewhere that if something doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. I guess this saying is perfectly appropriate to what we experienced last summer in the Alps.

Marie COUDERC and Nil HOOPENOT share a common passion : travelling and trekking. They’ve created 2PVA (Two Steps Towards the Other: Two Steps Towards Others, is above all an incredible European adventure: the human project, sporty and a little crazy to cross Southern Europe on foot with ultralight hiking equipment to meet its inhabitants. Compressport® is proud to partner with them on their European trek and shares here one of their numerous enthralling experiences in their own words.

Across the Alps… Beyond our Limits

Challenged, definitely, we were, and surely, in some ways, we have changed too.

When we decided to cross Southern Europe on foot, we sure expected those 10,000kms across 17 countries would have an impact on how we see the world and how we see ourselves, but I think that none of us really got the measure of how intense and difficult this particular part of the trip would be.

Reaching the foot of the Alps 6 months after the beginning of our adventure, we thought we were, at least,  physically ready.

To begin with, the first weeks in Portugal were difficult. The terrain was not, but we had to tame the weight of our packs, our first pains of all sorts and this lifestyle that we adopted on each trail, day after day. In Spain, we got thirsty, crossing through no man’s land where we often had to carry food for days and days.

Switzerland - September 2018

Switzerland – September 2018

By mid-July, we had reached the Mercantour and all of this was already a part of us and we felt ready for what would be the toughest part of this journey – Crossing the Alps.

But, in no time, we understood that the game had totally changed here. We had to unlearn what we knew and learn to no longer focus on distance, to take into account the elevation gain, the exact type of terrain and the fast changing weather conditions.

From the National Park of the Mercantour in France to the National Park of the Triglav in Slovenia, we had crossed the Alpine arch in a little less than 4 months passing through Switzerland and most of Italy.

Switzerland - August 2018

Switzerland – August 2018

Almost 100,000 meters of elevation gain (and the equivalent in descent) and more than 1,500 km, a serious playground which took us from the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen to the toughest we’ve ever been.

The paths of the Via Alpina should have been a challenge to take from time to time but the truth is, we trusted our instinct to guide us through these mountains. From valleys to passes, from national parks to mythical summits, we mapped our own crossing of the Alps. It did not look exactly like the one we had drawn on the map or the one we had in mind, but it was in fact much better than that!

Some of the wonders that took our breath away were initially not planned, but we were attracted to them like magnets. We pushed the limits  and reached summits as high as +4400m and discovered the majesty of mountain ranges like the Gran Paradiso, the Monte Rosa, The Bernina, among others.

Italy - August 2018

Italy – August 2018

The difficulty of accessing those places greatly contributed to underlining the beauty that we encountered, spicing up everything and revealing the mighty power of life.

We had to learn to be wise, to adjust our equipment, to remain safe and learn to behave on the mountain with a heavy pack, bearing in mind that the next day we would not be back home toasting our feet in front of a chimney but once again sweating and pushing ourselves beyond limits. We knew It would take us time to cross the Alps…

Slovenia - December 2018

Slovenia – December 2018

But in a way we did not realize how lengthy it would be. We understood the need of taking the best care of our bodies, the importance of recovery, the stretching, we saw our legs changing and felt more and more at ease with any kind of surface. We were becoming, little by little, mountain shadows ourselves; – rugged and chiseled.

Italy - July 2018

Italy – July 2018

While crossing the Alps we were never really alone. On the way we got the chance to meet fantastic and passionate outdoor people, but not only. An intense wildlife eased up the natural hostility of those technical terrains. Sometimes, slowly passing by herds of ibexes made us feel accepted for a short moment. We were invited to picture life as it is not portrayed in a zoo, mountain shadows were as agile as graceful and we encountered some of the rarest birds and some of the fattest marmots.

Some of those places we got to see will be engraved forever in our heads. On the way we crossed some great glaciers, particularly the Aletsch glacier, the biggest of all the Alps.

Switzerland - August 2018

Switzerland – August 2018

A giant of ice as deep as more than 900 meters and as long as almost 25 km. A place on which we certainly felt like walking on another planet and which shook us to the bones ! Something we could not grasp on-screen or through a photo. A dimension, something you need to sense.

We could never have foreseen being so amazed by the sublime and formidable Dolomites. We knew those mountains are mythical for a reason but you have to see it to believe it! The rock formations are unique, having nothing in common with the rest of the Alps. The Dolomites were an amazing surprise to us – an incomparable mountain range that offered us some of the most impressive views of the entire journey so far. We crossed a magical world in the solitude of the off-season which often left us speechless.

Italy - July 2018

Italy – July 2018

All on our own, we happened to enjoy warm moments in countless small shelters, making our home for the night in some of the cosiest spots of the Alps, pitching our tent in scenic places and waking up with the feeling that nothing could ever be wrong again.

We came out of the Alps blown away, but having learnt a little more about ourselves as well. Leaving our comfort zone, challenging ourselves with something that seems impossible at first and to get through it after all… Yes, it changed us !

Croatia - December 2018

Croatia – December 2018