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Myrtille GEORGES
25 Years
WTA Rank :  192 (Single), 290 (Doubles)

Her major win in a WTA Grand Chelem Tour was in 2016 when she ousted American Christina Hale (67th WTA) from the first tour of Roland Garros and qualified for the second tour. To date she ranks herself 7th best French female player and has fixed the gal to reach the top 5 any sooner.

Since her young years in tennis she has been taking care of her physical form and with the new range of products from Compressport Racket she gets what she really needs for the care and safety of her muscles and joints.

824x400 In my Racket range of compression clothing I feel comfortable and protected. These specific products suit very well the sport I practise and in them I rest assured that performance and recovery are maximised. I frequently wear my compression clothing during my travels, to the great satisfaction of my coach Yves Rodet.