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Lotto Soudal, 1ST at Tour Of Poland

Tour of Poland is a World Tour race. All our teams were racing there and we had great results everyday with stage victories and/or podiums.



IAM Cycling was the only team winning two stages. The regularity of Lotto Soudal riders gave to the team the first place of the team classification.

Compressport and Tour de Pologne in figures:

Stage victories: 4

  • x2 M.Pelucchi (IAM Cycling)
  • M.Bodnar (TinkoffSaxo)
  • Clerq (Lotto Soudal)

2nd place: 3

3rd place: 5

  • N.Bonifazio (Lampre Merida)
  • G.Nizzolo (Trek Factory Racing),
  • T.VanAsbroeck (LottoNLJumbo)
  • S.Reinchenbach (IAM Cycling)
  • R.Flens (LottoNLJumbo)

1st Team classification: Lotto Soudal
GC podium: 2nd Bart de Clerq (Lotto Soudal)

Crédit photo : ©PhotoNews

Are you listening to music while running?

Are you listening to music while running? We asked COMPRESSPORT® pro athletes to answer this question. Sometimes during a race, while training or just during rest times, here their answers.

FERNANDA MACIEL, Brazil, Ultra Trail Runner. 

1. Ed Sheeran – The A Team [Official Video]

2. Pitbull – Time Of Our Lives (Lyric) ft. Ne-Yo

 3. Ariana Grande – One Last Time 

 4. John Legend – All of me  

5. AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill

Gediminas GriniusLithuania, Ultra Trail Runner. 

1. Alex Clare – Too Close 

2. Bill Conti – Eye of the Tiger 

3. Slow train soul – Twisted cupid

4. Django Django – Hail Bop

5. Chris Botti – The look of love 

Sebastien ChaigneauFrench, Ultra Trail Runner. 

1. U2 – With or Without you 

2. Muse – Uprising 

3. Imagine Dragon – Demons  

4. Sia – Chandelier 

5. David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia

Julien ChorierFrench, Ultra Trail Runner. 

1. Supertramp – Bloody Well Right

2. U2 – The Miracle 

3. The Lumineers – Submarines  


Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® 

Amazing race at UTMB® with an incredible finish from Gonzalo CALISTO (5TH), Manu Villaseca (10TH) and Majell Backhausen (23TH). Congratulations also to Pau Capell who crossed the CCC® at the sixth place!


Vuelta a Espana 

The first week has started well for our teams with 3 stage victories (P.Sagan TCS, B-J.Lindeman TLJ, J.Stuyven TFR) and the green jersey (P.Sagan). Unfortunately, the rider of Tinkoff-Saxo had to retire from the race due to his injuries after being hit by a motorcycle.


IM Vichy
French Bertrand Billard showed he is back. Finishing 2nd in a time of 8h27’39 and with a sub3 hours marathon, we can say his bike crash beginning of the season is an old story.
In the female race, Spaniard Gurutze Frades won the first edition of IronMan Vichy in a time of 9h25. Gurutze signed a 3h05 marathon!


IM 70.3 World Championship
The best athletes in the world fought hard on this race with a challenging bike course and high temperatures. Javier Gomez Noya (Spain), Ruedi Wild (Switzerland) , Joe Gambles (Australia), Taylor Reid (Canada), Jonathan Ciavatella (Italy), Magali Tisseyre (Canada), Holly Lawrence (Great Britain)  were at the startline.
Despite being sick most of the week prior to the race, the defending champion, Javier Gomez Noya, managed to sign a 3rd place. Congratulations! Ruedi has been bitten by a wasp at an aid station during the bike and did not feel good after that. Despite that, Ruedi finished 11th. Joe and Jonathan finished 16th and 20th while Taylor had to abandon at T1 because of broken derailleur hanger. In the female race, Magali did a good run allowing her to take a good 4th place. Holly finished 11th.

Javier Gomez Noya - Bike

Challenge Penticton
Focusing on his Kona prep, Brent McMahon chose to stay at home and race Challenge Penticton. Despite difficult conditions with rain and wind, Brent went out of the water in first position and kept this position untill the end. With a good half marathon (1h14), Brent showed he is in good shape for Kona in October.

200th victories since January 1ST !

Last week, Compressport athletes and teams signed the 200th victory of the year on the most prestigious races in the world.

We focus only our “victory count” on top events (all sports) and in the professional category:
-World Series/ World cup
-World Tour (cycling)
-International events with worldwide recognition
-World Championship
-Regional Championship and Games

In reality, if we consider all types of events and amateur (age group) category, Compressport athletes reached the 200th victory a long time ago!

This is a great achievement and big source of motivation for us to continue developing, innovating, testing and producing the best products.


Some of the most outstanding Compressport® Athletes victories this year : 


Giro d’Italia 2015 Champion – Alberto Contador (TCS) 

mel melbourne

IronMan® Melbourne 2015 Champion – Melissa Hauschildt

Transgrancanaria2015 - Nuria Picas 02 (1)

Transgrancanaria 2015 Champion – Nuria Picas 


Chase BMX UCI World Champion 2015 – Stefany Hernandez

William Bon Mardion

1st World Cup Individual Race Ski Mountaineering  – William Bon Mardion

Compressport : Why & When ?


Listening to our athletes, we develop our products to respond rigorously to their expectations. Preparation, efort, recovery, well-being around performances: we seek to offer everyone the chance to go further, faster, and for longer.


  1. Boost your performances (especially endurance)
  2. Recover faster and better
  3. Delay fatigue
  4. More comfort and support during the effort
  5. Avoid muscle tear and injury
  6. Travel in the best conditions


COMPRESSPORT® products are born out of the collaboration of doctors, athletes and manufacturers specializing in medical and sports compression.

In order to allow sportsmen and women to optimise their performance on all occasions COMPRESSPORT® has developed a wide range of products responding to each specific need. Before, during or after the effort, your body reacts to different types of stimuli.



Quality of fibre, a battery of laboratory tests, comfort, design: it is the quality of professional performance which we make accessible for everyone.

Amateur or professional, beginner or experienced athlete, all those who have chosen COMPRESSPORT® have that idea: maximise and optimise performance.

For amateurs:

    • For those who are full of good intentions about getting back into shape but lack strength and training.
    • For the experienced, eager to push their personal boundaries without injuring themselves but who don’t have the time to recover. COMPRESSPORT® is all the more efficient for all those who are not as fit as the runners of the FDJ team or who don’t have Javier Gomez Noya endurance!

For professionals:

    • Those doing long sessions of high impact muscle working every day.
    • Those who have to win, where there’s no room for injury, cramps or aches.
    • Those with back-to-back training sessions with short recovery periods and lots of travelling.

Amateur or professional, whether your sport is a hobby or you are looking to be seriously supported for your next Ultra-Trail race in the Himalayas… Whoever you are, wherever you are, COMPRESSPORT® supports you.

Ruedi Wild, 3RD at IM 70.3 European Championship

Compressport Pro Athlete, Swiss Ruedi Wild came to the IronMan70.3 European Championship in the middle of an altitude training camp in the mountains of St Morritz (Switzerland). The pro field was of really high quality. Ruedi went out of the water out of Top10 with 59” deficit on the leader (M.Kueng).

On the bike, German Maurice Clavel set a really high pace and took the lead. Ruedi made a big move to 5 that km 20 riding with Boris Stein who started the bike with 2’50 deficit! Stein continued hammering the bike leg and took the lead.

Ruedi arrived at T2 with the chase group with 6’30 down to Stein and 1’35 on the second, A.Raelert.

The two first athletes were untouchable. The fight for third was between Ruedi and Frenchman Anthony Costes. Ruedi secured his 3RD place with 6k to go, signing the fastest run split of the day (1h13’37)!

This result is really good and Ruedi shows he is in good shape 20 days before the World Championship at Zell am see (Austria).

Congratulations from the whole Compressport Team! 

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc® 2014 Best OF.

Lights, camera, action! Last year, all the Compressport® team, Pro Athletes and Fans were in Chamonix and enjoyed the 2014 UTMB® Edition.

Find the best pictures our photographers took last year to warm up for the 2015 Edition! See you soon 🙂


The Compressport® Umbrella – Raining at UTMB® 2014


Fernanda Maciel & Sebastien Chaigneau – Morning Run UTMB® 2014


Compressport® Fans, Athletes & Team – Morning run at UTMB® 2014


Compressport® Athletes & Team – Compressport® signature session at UTMB® 2014


Fernanda Maciel – Compressport® signature session at UTMB® 2014


Compressport® Athlete  – UTMB® 2014


Compressport® Athlete  – UTMB® 2014


Compressport® Athlete  – UTMB® 2014


Compressport® Athlete  – UTMB® 2014


Compressport® Athlete  – UTMB® 2014


Compressport® Athlete  – UTMB® 2014

Fernanda Maciel - (c)RogerCaballe

Fernanda Maciel Finish line – UTMB® 2014

How important is recovery within cycling?

How important is recovery within cycling?

BMX, mountain bike or cycling track:

One day long competition includes multiples efforts – series and finals  – repeated in a short period of time. Many disciplines are concerned such as BMX, mountain bike or cycling track. Each time, you accumulate blood toxins and your energy reserves decrease, causing leg pains and the fatigue to appear earlier for subsequent performances. In consequence you have to find solution to stay strong for finals!

Multi-stages races or training camps

Prolonged and hard efforts such as an Alpine stage induce muscle damage followed by a slow and painful recovery. The full restoration of the damage requires inflammatory processes and edema which cause delayed onset muscle soreness: DOMS with peak after 48 h. The DOMS may be extremely uncomfortable and last up to 5 days. Walking normally becomes difficult and go down the stairs is almost impossible! The fatigue is installed and you have to wait some days before to perform again! Consequently you have to quickly react!


What role can compression garments play within recovery?

The gravity causes the blood to stagnate in the legs. To allow the blood return to the heart, the veins are used and the calf plays a key role. When the calf muscles contract they press on the veins and activates the venous return – like a pressure applied on a tube of toothpaste causing the past to rise outside tube.

Without sufficient full calf contraction (it is the case during recovery), the blood will accumulate in the legs causing their swelling with pain and discomfort aggravating recovery process with more inflammation, muscle damage and DOMS. Who never felt a sensation of heavy legs after a long trip in plane or car (after a competition but also before)?!

Pressing on the muscles the Compressport compression reinforces continuously the pump action of the calves. Consequently the venous return is improved: the blood circulation is increased +20 %, the swelling is prevented: -100 % and the pain and discomfort are deleted!


What is the science behind compression garments effect on an cyclists muscles?

BMX, mountain bike or cycling track:

To stay strong for finals help your body – use the compression! Indeed the venous return improvement observed with Compressport causes an increase of the overall circulation. Consequently compared with a passive recovery, the muscular oxygen supply (necessary to restore the energy reserves) is improved: +25 % and the toxins removal is facilitated: 13 % of lactate in less after 15 min. In conclusion the recovery process is accelerated and the subsequent performances are improved: +7 W for a second 5-min maximal trial repeated after 15 min.

Multi-stages races or training camps

Improving the venous return, Compressport prevents the blood stagnation and therefore the inflammation and edema: -100 %. Consequently, the extent of muscle damage is reduced and the DOMS are limited: -50 %. You will be ready to perform again!

20150707052425 (2)

Compressport recommendations

For quickly eliminating the toxins, restoring the energy reserves and preventing the inflammation and DOMS you have to compress your tired muscles. The best product to recover for short periods (until 2 h) is the Compressport Full Legs. For longer periods or when you stay still (long trip in plane or bus) you will have to use the Compressport Full Socks V2: need to compress the foot to prevent the blood stagnation at this level.


References: Compressport was subject to more 10 scientific published studies. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.