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Wearing compression during efforts – to decrease the risk of injuries!

Last time, we have seen that wearing compression during efforts is mainly based on the reduction of the vibrations. Another aspect play a vital role: the compression may decrease the risk of injuries!

Anecdotal reports reinforced with a scientific study

Many reports indicated that the compression could decrease the risk of injuries: 40 % of the sportsmen say they use it in this context. Therefore, we did a study – with the collaboration of the University of Franche-Comté (Besançon, France) – on 1200 sportsmen from all backgrounds to determine whether the compression really decreases this risk. 

29 % of injuries during efforts with the COMPRESSPORT® compression !

MN 6_Graph

Reduction (%) of the risk of injuries when the Compressport® compression or any brands compression is always, often or sometimes worn during the effort compared with never.

The results were presented at the International Olympic Committee World Conference (Monaco, April 10-12 2014) focusing on the ‘Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport’[1].Please find more details on the study here. In summary, the main result is that the risk of injuries (shin splints, tendonitis and muscular injuries) is significantly reduced when compression garments are used during the effort (-29 % when the COMPRESSPORT® compression is always applied). It is interesting to note that this risk was more reduced with the Compressport compression compared with any brands.

[…] mainly explained by the reduction of the vibrations….

The fact that wearing compression during efforts decreases the risk of injuries may be explained by several reasons. First of all, decreasing muscular vibrations, compression garments guarantee a better maintain of your muscles and for example ensure less stress on the tendons! The reduction of the risk of injuries with compression garments may also be due to their hemodynamic effects (decreasing inflammation), neuronal effects (increasing proprioception) or thermal effects (increasing muscle temperature and warm-up)[2].


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  2. Born DP, Sperlich B, and Holmberg HC. Bringing light into the dark: effects of compression clothing on performance and recovery. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance 8: 4-18, 2013.

About the Author


Dr. Arnaud M. comes from Besançon in France. He has a PhD in Life and Health Sciences and works at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon (EA 3920, Exercise Performance Health Innovation Laboratory). Arnaud is also the Scientist Manager for COMPRESSPORT® International. You can contact him at

Questions-Answers with Arnaud, the COMPRESSPORT® Scientific Manager

In this edition of the Scientific Approach, we decided to let the community talk. COMPRESSPORT® thought that questions coming from social media users and especially people interested in the subject of “injuries” may be relevant. So, the COMPRESSPORT® Scientific Manager Arnaud, answered to your interrogations regarding the effectiveness of COMPRESSPORT® products to fight against injuries.

1.  I run twice a week and sometimes I feel a muscle pain in the calf, as if it was the beginning of a stretch. Can you tell me if wearing compression during the effort may be useful?

It is clear that the solution to help your calf may lie in using compression! In your case, wearing the COMPRESSPORT® R2 or Full Socks may act like the supportive action of taping: better maintain and therefore less stretch!

2. I don’t wear compression during the effort because I don’t like the feeling on my legs. But I would like to try compression during the recovery time. Does wearing compression only during the recovery will decrease the risk of injury?

Wearing compression during the recovery time decreases the fatigue, the pains and therefore the risk of injuries. You will restart your trainings less stressed! I advise you to try one or two sizes above normal during the effort … Your feeling will be better and you will be more secured.

3.  Which Compressport® products is the best one to prevent injuries during the effort?

Our effort compression is designed to decrease the muscle vibrations. Decreasing more these vibrations, COMPRESSPORT® guarantees a better maintain of your muscles and for example less stress on the tendons!

4. I’m injured since 2 weeks; I had to stop Ironman Lanzarote after a hamstring at the right thigh.  So my question is: should I use compression when I will restart my trainings to support my muscle and what will be the effect on them?

Fore sure! The effects of the compression will be even more significant! Using the COMPRESSPORT® ForQuad or Triathlon Shorts, your thigh will be more secured: less vibration, higher maintain and therefore less risk of relapse!

5. Why COMPRESSPORT® compression is better than any other compression brands?

First of all, decreasing more the vibrations (optimized level of compression and seamless technology) … But also focusing on the comfort (lights and elastic fibers, temperature control, etc.)! Using COMPRESSPORT®, you forget that you are using a compression!

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