COMPRESSPORT® offers a 2-year warranty on its products.

This Warranty COVERS:
• Defects on the seams of the purchased products.
• Defects on the fibres of the purchased products.
• Wearing off the logo on the purchased products.

This Warranty DOES NOT COVER:
• Wear and Tear of the logos due to misuse of the purchased products.
• Tears or holes due to misuse of the purchased products.
Please check our related videos on the right way to wear, carry and preserve your Compressport® products.
Compressport Tutorials with Diego Pazos

This Warranty WORKS ONLY:
• For products bought on our various e-shops.
(For any product bought at our official re-sellers’ shops, you shall contact them directly for any exchange or return.)
• If the faulty product is returned to our warehouse.
(Shipping fees shall be at the client’s expense.)
• If a proof of purchase is presented when a return or exchange is asked for.

Please note that
• Compressport® takes no responsibility for returned items that do not reach us.

Please check our Return Policy here:
Return Policy