Ultrun 140g Pack

Our dream was to imagine the ideal backpack: ULTRA LIGHT, does not keep you warm, zero pressure points, zero chafing, no boucing during steep descents, no zip that could break or freeze, zero useless accessory..

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ultrun 140g pack
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True Story, True Product

The ergonomic design has been though out to allow maximum comfort for races of 100km+, without chafing or pressure on sensitive points like the inner arm, trapezius or the back.

Yeray Duran
"What I prefer of this back-pack is its lightness! The material is also well selected; it is flexible and allows the back-pack to really hold a lot of things while it adapts itself perfectly to the shape of the back, which makes it very comfortable."

Total Water Capacity

At the front : 2 x 500 ml soft flasks or 2 x 750 ml rigid bottles. A direct and useful access.
At the back : 1 soft flask of 650 ml placed horizontally. This astute way allows taking your bottle without removing the back-pack. Very useful during the supplies to fill the bottle in. 1 water pocket of 1,5 l

Energy Pocket

At the front 2 mesh pockets for gels, bars, telephone, front lamp ... with revers in order not to lose anything On the sides 2 mesh pockets for gels, bars, rubbish…

Shock Absorption Silicon

The silicon prints stop any backpack movement when running. It absorbs any shocks to prevent chafing or pressure on sensitive points.

Techno Whistle

On the strap, the whistle is easy to reach.

X-Tenex System

In order to avoid damages and difficult opening/closing when it is cold the tightening/untightening system at the front is carried out instantaneously by means of an automatic Xtenex® shoelace.

Lunar Pocket

Easy to reach pockets for quick and easy nutrition storage. Their intelligent location prevents any bouncing around.

Please feel free to wear it in the most extreme races.

We offer you a 30-day risk-free trial and a 2-year warranty.

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