TR3 Aero Trisuit

Professional biomechanical & compression technology

The TR3 AERO TRISUIT, directly inspired by the aerosuit developed by COMPRESSPORT® for cycling teams, benefits from an excellent balance of aerodynamism, thermoregulation and comfort.

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Improve the aerodynamism coefficient top ride faster effort.

Seamless multigradual compression

A millimetre-precision graduation in the targeted areas enhances performances and facilitates recovery. This enables to help delay muscle fatigue, reduce cramps and decrease the risk of injuries.

Triathlon Pad

Made in Italy, this high quality pad has an optimal density, the memory foam does not collapse and returns to its original shape back as soon as you get up from the saddle.

Grip bike

The very fine external silicone printing ensures optimum bike saddle adherence. Inside, the ultra-thin Triathlon pad (exclusive COMPRESSPORT® design) absorbs shocks when cycling and running.

Ventilation zone

The targeted positioning of the mesh structures on the shoulders evacuate body heat and sweat meaning you stay dry regardless of the outside temperature and the intensity and duration of the effort.

3D Thermo Regulation

The special 3D knitting helps to regulate the temperature of the body, protecting the body from the cold or the heat.


Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

3 Pick Pockets

The TR3 AERO TRISUIT has two side pockets and one large rear pocket in the back made of expandable mesh for keeping gels, bars, and the like. Accessing the pockets is easy and direct to avoid any unnecessary and dangerous contortion. You’ll save your energy and stay focused on your stride!


    "Slightly compressive, the TR3 AERO TRISUIT has a perfect fit with almost no folds, supporting every single muscles covered by its ultra-light and precisely ventilated fabric. In addition to a great design, it offers a feeling of aero dynamism and lightness."

    ITU Triathlon World Champion 2000
    IRONMAN® NICE 2010 3RD


    "The new TR3 AERO TRISUIT is incredibly light and supportive. I have never used a race suit that besides providing great aerodynamics and is lightweight, also provides great compression that keeps everything together to execute a great race."

    IRONMAN® 70.3 Texas 2017

    TR3 Aero Trisuit

    Professional biomechanical & compression technology

    Aerodynamism, thermoregulation and comfort... perfectly harmonised for YOUR performance!