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Skyrunning Continental Championship

The first race of the 2015 season started at Sai Kung, Hong-Kong.The new scoring system allows the athlete to run Continental Championship events which will count in the final ranking.


Compressport athletes Elisa Desco, Marco De Gasperi and Martin Gaffuri were on the start line of the technical and challenging Skyrunning event 28km, 1945m D+.


Marco De Gasperi took a good start but made a mistake and went on a wrong path. Once back on the right way, he was third and kept this place until the end. “I regret my mistake, but really love this tough and challenging race.”


French Martin Gaffuri took a good 7th place.

Elisa Desco ran well and stayed with another competitor most of the race. At km22, only 10 seconds separated the two runners. Elisa made a surge on the last kilometers and won the race by only 42” ahead of her runner-up.


Compressport is proud to be an official Partner of the International Skyrunning Federation and Skyrunning World Series this year. Hong-Kong Compressport distributor was also present on-site. Supported by Elisa Desco and Marco De Gasperi, and the great organization of the event, the expo has been a success.


1. Hi Pau. You are a new trail runner in the Compressport family. Can you let us know a bit more about you (your sport background…) and how has been your 2014 season?

I am young and I started to race sky and ultra trail only 2 years ago. In 2013 I race 2 ultra trail and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively at Menorca and Collserola. Also I compete in shorter distances in order to run more and get more experience. In 2014, I focused on ultra trail, competing in the Catalunya Championship which I won thanks to 3 victories and a 3rd place.

I also competed and finished 2nd of  Ultra Trail de Menorca (186km) and won Ultra Trail la Garrotxa. To prepare this Championship, I raced on shorter distance including MTBCN (Barcelona trail Marathon). I won each of those short races. 2014 has been great in terms of results. At the beginning of the season I just wanted to gain experience and had no real objectives. The sport is my passion and I love it, I think that is the reason why I had such a great season!

2. Why did you chose Compressport as racing and recovery gear partner? What benefits do you take from using Compressport products?

Compressport is a brand with a large range of products for all kind of sports to be used in training, during the race or for recovery. Compression is very important and efficient for the one racing with it. Indeed, the design of the product is very nice.

3. What Compressport products do you use in training/racing and recovery? Why?

I love Full Legs for recovery. They are very efficient and helps recovering better by improving blood circulation. In training, I use different products depending on the distance I have to do. I use R2 for short distances and Full Socks for long ones. I enjoy running with the Trail short which fits really well and gets the right compression around the quadriceps.

4. 2014 has been a good season for you. What are your objectives in 2015? What races do you plan on racing?


In 2015, I want to run with the best athletes in the world in order to learn from them. I will race Transgrancanaria Advanced, Ultra Mallorca, and Ultra Sierra Nevada. I will also compete in the Skyrunner Ultra Series including Transvulcania, Ultra de Somiedo and Ultra Pirineu. I will race CCC. The place is fantastic and ideal to live a unique experience. The distance and the landscape will offer unforgettable moments. My goals are a bit ambitious and to reach them I will go step by step, race after race. The most important thing is to enjoy each race and be proud of me at the end of the season.

5. How do you feel you participation to CCC this year ? (recognition of the race, preparation)… You will race CCC in August. How will you prepare for this race? Do you plan on going to Chamonix before the race to train on the course?

Yes. To prepare the race properly, I will do some training sessions on the race course, the last one during race week. My objective on CCC is to run each kilometer like if it was the last one and be able to finish with a smile on my face. I always do my best, but if I could make a top3, it would be really great.

pau capell compressport

6. You are young, but you race a lot. What are your best and worst memories in trail running (racing or training)?

The best memories I have in trail running is at Ultra Trail Menorca (186km). 22 hours of real suffering mixed with excitement and passion made it an incredible experience. The worst memories was at the last race of the Cataluña Championship. If I could not finish, I could not win  the championship. During the race I got lost whereas I was running ahead. I was mentally completely blocked. I could find the right way to the finish line, but the fact to get lost, with no idea where I had to go, caused me a lot of stress.

Thank you Pau Capell for your time, we look forward to see you on podiums this year again ! 


From April 3rd to 13th, COMPRESSPORT® will be the Official supplier of the 30th SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES® to provide clothing and compression socks.

Compressport Official Supplier of Sultan Marathon des Sables

30 years of adventure and solidarity

SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES® is a mythical footrace in the heart of the Southern Moroccan Sahara. Since the first edition in 1986, more than 13.000 competitors (runners or walkers) went through this extreme challenge.


250km of racing, 6 self-sufficiency stages under exceptionally difficult and unpredictable weather conditions, breathtaking scenery and a unique human and sporting adventure made SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES® one of the most famous races in the world, part of the Ultra Trail World Tour.

Special “Limited Edition” line for SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES® 2015


The 1.400 competitors of the 30th SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES® will go through extreme conditions with high heat, winds, dunes… They need the best products to prevent muscle fatigue and risk of injury. COMPRESSPORT® has developed a special line of clothing and compression socks to help SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES® competitors run and reach their potential quickly. The line is made from exclusive thermo-regulating fibers adapted to the extreme conditions of the desert.

A dynamic and innovative R&D team, a rigorous, ongoing quality control in terms of products and technology help to provide participants in SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES® with the best compression products for the unique conditions of this endurance run.
The special MDS® line will be available at COMPRESSPORT® retailers and from the online MARATHON DES SABLES® shop.