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Skyrunning Continental Championship

The first race of the 2015 season started at Sai Kung, Hong-Kong.The new scoring system allows the athlete to run Continental Championship events which will count in the final ranking.


Compressport athletes Elisa Desco, Marco De Gasperi and Martin Gaffuri were on the start line of the technical and challenging Skyrunning event 28km, 1945m D+.


Marco De Gasperi took a good start but made a mistake and went on a wrong path. Once back on the right way, he was third and kept this place until the end. “I regret my mistake, but really love this tough and challenging race.”


French Martin Gaffuri took a good 7th place.

Elisa Desco ran well and stayed with another competitor most of the race. At km22, only 10 seconds separated the two runners. Elisa made a surge on the last kilometers and won the race by only 42” ahead of her runner-up.


Compressport is proud to be an official Partner of the International Skyrunning Federation and Skyrunning World Series this year. Hong-Kong Compressport distributor was also present on-site. Supported by Elisa Desco and Marco De Gasperi, and the great organization of the event, the expo has been a success.