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Et where else but in Livigno, his natal land… Tadei Pivk has been kept on the sidelines since the beginning of the season due to injury. But his mind fixed on a consecutive win on the Livigno Sky Classic, after the 2016 podium, he registered at the last minute and soon was tipped as one of the favourites!

Willpower, Compression Clothing and Guts

That`s what it takes to brave the highly technical 34Km-race is and reaches 3000 m in altitude and every year attracts the cream of professional sky-runners. Tadei had to battle hard to get rid of Aritz Egea who clung to his heels for most of the race.

Tadei-Pivk-824x400Out of this duel Tadei proved the best as he claimed victory at 3:52:42 and signs in the most fantastic way his most wished comeback. Bravissimo Signor Tadei !

Leanda CAVE – The perennial regular of Ironman® podiums!

im-costa-rica-824x400Guts has she got too, our USA-based triathlete for whom hurdles are meant to be overcome rather than let them have their say! Leanda CAVE literally comes from far to claim victory in Costa Rican Playa del Coco where the inaugural Ironman® 70.3 race was held.

Out of the swim and bike races Leanda was kind of sandwiched between her two ferocious acolytes from the USA who had no intention of letting go of any parcel of the ground!

But when Cave wants, Cave will! At the start of the running part of the event she took charge very early, forced her pace all through and barged her opponents out of her way up to the finish line. 

Staffordshire plays host to Ironman® 70.3

While heat is soaring over whole Europe, England offered the perfect conditions and welcomed a flock of the best triathletes for a memorable swim-bike-run contest.

Giulio Molinari and Roman Guillaume ruled over the race and both were never far from each other over the three phases of the game! Guilio took the best of it finishing his race at 4:01:10 after a fantastic run split that left everyone in his wake.


Romain clung to his 2nd place with ferocity and never gave up on it ! He was 2 minutes behind Molinari.


In stealing the show during this third weekend of June, in Costa Rica, Italy and England, Compressport® teammates prove again that compression clothing can be no stranger to strong performances on the tracks!

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