The new 3D seamless Running Gloves that bring the solution to cold and wet hands during your runs.

Heat-Regulation The gloves are made in specific fibres that allow temperature control and optimum performance for any outdoor activities.

Lightweight Ultra-light in weight and volume, they make perfect accessories to carry with you everywhere.

Touch Screen Touch-screen compatible, you can pick up a call without removing them.

Stay Dry Ventilation optimised by the On/Off fibre, your palms stay dry always.

TRUE STORY For cold and chilly runs, it is very difficult to find lightweight and warm gloves that don't make your hands overheat once you are warmed up!

TRUE PRODUCT We created gloves that keep your hands warm when it is cold outside and that you can keep from the start to the end without overheating.

ON/OFF Ventilaction

3D Knitting


thermo regulation

Reflective logo

The On/Off interactive fibre breathes with you and adjusts your ventilation according to the intensity of your workout. Hands stay dry. On the back, the ultra-breathable 3D fibre is ideal for mopping up sweat from your forehead. The fibres don’t keep in moisture, so the feeling of wetness and heaviness is eliminated. The heat-regulating properties provide optimal comfort, even when it’s very cold outside. The reflective logo enables you to train at night and in low light areas and makes you visible to other runners and traffic.


These ergo-fit gloves perfectly match the shape of your hands and fingers.

Comfortable wrist support, the elastic stops the gloves from slipping, without compression.

Seamless gloves, no chafing or overheating.

3 colors available so you can fit them with any running outfits.

The new 3D Thermo Seamless Running Gloves that bring the solution against cold and wet hands during your runs.