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Recover faster and relieve pain with compression garments! (1/2)

Need to recover fast for subsequent performances of one day long competition or more simply need to relieve pain after a hard sporting weekend… COMPRESSPORT® is for you! This month focuses on repeated efforts of one day long competition

Cycling, fight sports, track and field or swimming: you need to stay strong for the final trials!

One day long competition includes multiples efforts – series and finals – often repeated in a short period of time (less than 1 h). Many disciplines are concerned such as BMX, mountain bike and cycling track but also fight sports, track and field or swimming. Each time, you accumulate blood toxins (lactic acid) and your energy reserves decrease, causing the fatigue to appear earlier for subsequent performances. To stay strong for finals help your body – use Compressport!

Recover faster with COMPRESSPORT® for better subsequent performances!

MN 10_Calf_graph

Calf muscle oxygenation recorded – with and – without Compressport® R2 following a running exercise. *: significant difference.

Recovering with compression garments induces a series of events… Pressing the veins, the muscle blood flow is increased (+15 %) [1], the oxygen supply (necessary to restore the energy reserves) is improved (+15%) [2] and the toxins removal is accelerated (-13% after only 15 min) [3]. In conclusion, the pain and discomfort are reduced and the subsequent performances are improved compared with passive recovery (+7 W for a subsequent 5-min maximal cycling performance) [3]. 

Full leg compression, compression socks, arm and calf sleeves: COMPRESSPORT® offers you many possibilities to recover!

For quickly eliminating the toxins and restoring the energy reserves you have to compress your tired muscles. The best products to recover for short periods (until 1 or 2 h) are the COMPRESSPORT® Full Legs or the combo R2 and ForQuad. For longer periods, you will use the Full Socks: you need to have a compression around the foot to prevent the blood stagnation. Finally, the Compressport Armsleeves will help you for swimming or other efforts involving the arms.


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Dr. Arnaud M. comes from Besançon in France. He has a PhD in Life and Health Sciences and works at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon (EA 3920, Exercise Performance Health Innovation Laboratory). Arnaud is also the Scientist Manager for COMPRESSPORT® International. You can contact him at

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