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COMPRESSPORT athlete Fernanda Maciel gives back to local communities

Fernanda shows it is not always all about sport, but as well giving to local communities with different kind of projects under the name “White Flow”. She started in 2012 with White Flow Camino de Santiago. She ran the famous pilgrim track that crosses France and Spain by mountains, paths and villages. 860km in 10 days without support crew. Solidarity means a lot to Fernanda and she visited and raised funds for children suffering from Cancer.

 Fernanda Maciel Aconcagua

Solidarity all over the world

Stunned by the 2012 experience, Fernanda repeated it for White Flow Favela da Rocinha in Brazil running through the alleys, stairways and paths of this most dangerous favela in Brazil, but showing that thanks to the Peacemaker Policy Units program, inhabitants of the favelas can go out of poverty and danger thanks to social activities. Today are happening running and MTB events inside the Favela da Rocinha. In Nepal, Fernanda ran and won the Everest Trail Race, a COMPRESSPORT event, and worked with the Foundation Mountaineers for Himalayas aiming at building basic education projects in the area of Himalayas.

Fernanda Maciel Aconcagua

White Flow Aconcagua

Some of the most prestigious trail runners in the world were in the Aconcagua area at the end of 2014. While a new male record was being recorded, Fernanda Maciel was working at cleaning the Aconcagua National Park, educate people to recycling. But she as well visited and helped children without nutrition of Conin Foundation. Fernanda made her attempt of setting the female record running up to the top of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America, culminating at 6.989m. The first part of the ascension went well, but around 6.000m of altitude she felt big pains in lungs and throat due to extreme conditions (-20°c, winds at 55kmh), and had to be evacuated by helicopter once at the base camp at 4.300m “I came already with a sore throat from the last expedition! High mountains are so exhausting! But yesterday was the day to try it, because we had the better weather until then! So it was and I gave it ALL!”

Fernanda Maciel will come back later in Aconcagua, and is now focusing on Ultra Trail events for 2015.

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