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Gomez Noya wins World Title for the second time!

Javier Gomez NOYA sure had style in Chattanooga Tennessee, last weekend and he sure managed a strategy to battle his way through this yet another Ironman 70.3 event, but of paramount importance for our partner athlete as this lead him to a second world title crown!

And yet nothing was simple and victory was not to be taken for granted!

Javier exited the 1.2 mile swim run at the second place with a chrono of 24.09, leaving the first place to Ben Kanute, who from start made it clear that Chattanooga would be his territory and no-one else`s.

Javier Noya  824x400Intimidated maybe, Javier further gave time away to Kanute on the bike run. At some point of time, around half the biking distance, he let himself trail away from the leading pack At 2:12:27 on the chrono, he had more than 4 minutes to catch up on Kanute.

If there is a will in the legs there is a way to the top of the podium!

JavierHis first World Champion title won in 2014, on his mind, Javier decided that his legs would do all the talking on the 21.1 Km marathon. No piece of land would be left to the adverse party. Javier took the risk as soon as the first lap was on and he “ran faster that he should have”. He managed to keep Ben Kanute at lap`s length behind him and at the half way mark, Javier knew that this 10th September would be a milestone in his sporting life. He crossed the finish line after 1:10:30 of a tremendously heroic race and was crowned for the second time Ironman World champion… Nothing less!

Pedals Down and Helmets Off for Alberto CONTADOR

El Pisteloro bids farewell to professional cycling! And it could not have been elsewhere than the Spanish tour to do so.

vuelta-espana-824x400After a chaotic Tour de France Alberto wanted to end his professional career on a positive note and la Vuelta Espana offered him this chance. On the brutal Angliru climb, driven by his team Trek-Segafredo, he took an emotional victory, his first of 2017 and also his last of an uncommon career!

Alberto Contador has won the Tour de France twice, the Giro Italia twice as well and three times the Vuelta Espana. He is one of the six professional cyclists having won the 3 main European tours!

Alberto-contador-824x400Hats Off off El Pistolero!

The cycling tracks will sure miss the great champion you are and will definitely remain!

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