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UTMB® is more than a race: it’s a community. We share emotions, efforts, the runner’s spirit. There may be no races in Cham’, yet let us stand together in the face of this year’s exceptional challenges. Our UTMB® range offers high-performance technologies to take on the rigours of the toughest trails, and reflects the passion we all share. Shop the collection, available now at an exceptional “trail-spirit” price!

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UltRun S Pack neri

Zaino da trail running performance, ultra-leggero, altamente traspirante, ideale per percorrere 100 miglia in totale autonomia senza scuotere il contenuto. Venduto con 2 flaconi da 500ml.

Prezzo 131,14 €
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Visualizzati 1-2 su 2 articoli