Cold temperatures can be unpleasant, and they can also impact your performance. Yet training through the winter can be a lot of fun! As long as you follow a few simple clothing rules, running and working out on chilly days need no longer be a chore. Discover our easy guide to layering up for winter training, and set your sights on your early season goals. 

The key to efficient sweat evacuation, thermoregulation and protection is the three layer approach. Compressport products feature high performance technologies to help you face the cold head on, and can be mixed and matched depending on the weather conditions and the intensity of your session.


Sweat it out

This is the t-shirt or vest that lies against your skin. Its role is to wick away sweat so that you stay cool and dry and don’t get cold. You are looking for light materials that don’t soak through and dry quickly. For maximum effectiveness, avoid cotton and loose-fitting fabrics.

All Compressport 3D Thermo tops feature a unique weave, where ventilation channels and air pockets create a thermal mattress between your skin and the layer above. This not only ventilates but also keeps your core temperature steady. The microfiber fabric is also seamless, antibacterial and quick-drying for ultimate comfort and freshness.

In warmer conditions, our 3D Thermo baselayers can be worn alone or under a lightweight jersey, gilet or jacket.


Keep it warm

This item's role is to insulate, meaning that it retains the heat released by the body. It must protect you from the cold, but also be quick-drying and sweat-wicking to transfer moisture to the outer layer. These properties ensure optimal thermoregulation when training in cold conditions.
Our Winter Trail Postural Top, for example, keeps you warm thanks to a clever combination of wool and polyamide overlays. Like many natural fibers, wool is soft and light, trapping air to create an insulating mattress, while the water-repellent polyamide is very effective at wicking away sweat.

Bodymapping, a new Compressport technology, helps retain heat where you need it most by pinpointing different zones on the body. Naturally sensitive areas such as the forearms or lower back receive more protection, with wool against the skin and polyamide on the outside; these materials are cleverly reversed in areas that demand more ventilation, ensuring you stay fresh yet warm in all conditions.


Ultimate protection

Jacket, waistcoat or sweatshirt, this is the item that takes on the outside world. Neither of the first two thermal layers will protect you from wind, rain or snow, so you will need a protective layer over the top to take on the harshest winter conditions.

The Winter Insulated 10/10 Jacket is made from hybrid materials for optimal thermoregulation and warmth, combined with a wind and waterproof 10/10 Hurricane membrane over the upper body to protect your shoulders and torso. The lower half features a 40-gram, 3D Thermo Ultralight fleece layer to provide warmth while wicking away sweat and protecting your lower back from the cold. Extremely light and compact, the jacket can be easily stored in a bag or belt after your warm-up or during winter hikes.

The Hybrid Pullover takes versatility to the next level thanks to its high performance fabrics, often allowing you to head out the door without a bulkier jacket. A windproof Hurricane membrane on the front protects against wind and cold and is doubled with a 3D Thermo Ultralight layer to evacuate moisture and stabilise body temperature no matter the intensity of your effort.


LeThe idea is the same as for the upper body. Layer your clothing for maximum thermal insulation, targeted compression and reliable protection against the elements.

The Winter Trail Under Control Full Tights are an ideal base layer, offering a blend of moisture-wicking Prolen®Yarn and merino wool for natural heat retention. Different thicknesses in different areas ensure optimal thermoregulation, without forgetting targeted compression to support your muscles, activate venous return and delay fatigue.

The ultra-light Hybrid Seamless Hurricane Pants are easy to pull on. Their soft microfiber offers ventilation and extra warmth and is combined with a Hurricane membrane on the front for added protection. Elastic and windproof, these compact trousers can be easily removed and tucked into your pack at the first sign of sunshine.


Don’t forget that the head, neck and hands are particularly sensitive areas, where heat loss can be significant. A hat, gloves and neck tube provide good insulation and thermoregulation; they’re also quick to pull on when you head out and easy remove on the go if the temperature rises.


These easy-to-follow tips are designed to help you get out the door and make the most of your winter training, no matter the conditions. By taking full advantage of the high-performance properties of your Compressport apparel, you will stay warm, fresh and comfortable. So adapt your layers to the weather and step up your cold-weather performance.