Stay out longer when the days are shorter.

Layer-up in ultra-comfy running leggings.

Ultra-comfy Running Leggings

Stay out longer when the days are shorter wearing Compressport ultra-comfy winter run leggings. Running leggings are notorious for losing their shape, feeling uncomfortable and falling down. That’s why we’ve used our expertise in developing high-performance running clothing to create a new standard of comfort for running leggings. Compressport winter run leggings are our first light support leggings; they fit so snugly to your body that they can’t fall down, won’t lose their shape and stay perfectly in place throughout your whole training session.
For unparalleled mobility they use a 4-way super-stretchy fabric that is breathable & hydrophobic, meaning that they quickly wick away moisture which prevents chafing and minimises sporty odours. The ergo-fit seamless construction is so comfy that once you’ve put them on, you’ll want to leave them on. Training in colder conditions can be dangerous if you’re not properly prepared and wearing the right gear. Our new Compressport running leggings cover your full leg length, are high-waisted and made from a microfiber fabric that utilises thermo-regulation technology for improved protection against the cold - now you don’t need to stop when the mercury drops.

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Don’t stop when the mercury drops.
  • 4-Way stretch, seamless design has an “ergo-fit” construction to hold everything in place and deliver unrivalled comfort at any distance.
  • Our first light support leggings.
  • So comfy that once you’ve put them on, you’ll want to leave them on.
  • Higher waist band, full leg length & made from a non see-through fabric.
  • Made from breathable micro-fibre, hydrophobic fabric that quickly wicks away moisture, preventing chafing and sporty odours.
  • Multi-sport functionality; designed for running but suitable for more sports.
  • Our thermo-regulation technology helps to regulate body temperature in changeable conditions, and can prevent hypothermia and muscle injury susceptibility from running in cooler conditions.
  • There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.
Ultra-comfy form fitting design
Super-soft 4-way stretch hydrophobic fabric
Can’t fall down & won’t lose their shape
Thermo-regulation - Suitable for changeable conditions