The essential piece for all water sports. The ultra-comfortable Compressport swim Cap will protect your hair and improve your performance by reducing dragging while swimming. Discover Compressport’s swim caps and stay visible and safe in open waters.

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    Paul Giblin has taken Ultra Endurance Running to a whole new level, after completing the End to End Trail - UK´s longest trail route in 29 days. Initially what he anticipated to be at around 1,961KM (1,215MILES), became significantly longer after some extra route navigation. Whatsmore, the route included over 52,000metres of vertical gain.
  • Ultra-Trail® du Mont Blanc - UTMB® 2021

    For our Compressport International Athletes, the event has been long awaited and has been placed at the forefront of our elite runners goals since the race was given the approval to proceed this year. Across the 4 major races, 13 of our top athletes were more motivated than ever and ready to give their best efforts.
  • UTMB® Mont-Blanc 2021 - Training Camp Reco!

    We are just days away from one of the all time favorite races of the World's Best Ultra Trail Runners and a big season goal for several of our Elite Runners.