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How important is recovery within cycling?

How important is recovery within cycling?

BMX, mountain bike or cycling track:

One day long competition includes multiples efforts – series and finals  – repeated in a short period of time. Many disciplines are concerned such as BMX, mountain bike or cycling track. Each time, you accumulate blood toxins and your energy reserves decrease, causing leg pains and the fatigue to appear earlier for subsequent performances. In consequence you have to find solution to stay strong for finals!

Multi-stages races or training camps

Prolonged and hard efforts such as an Alpine stage induce muscle damage followed by a slow and painful recovery. The full restoration of the damage requires inflammatory processes and edema which cause delayed onset muscle soreness: DOMS with peak after 48 h. The DOMS may be extremely uncomfortable and last up to 5 days. Walking normally becomes difficult and go down the stairs is almost impossible! The fatigue is installed and you have to wait some days before to perform again! Consequently you have to quickly react!


What role can compression garments play within recovery?

The gravity causes the blood to stagnate in the legs. To allow the blood return to the heart, the veins are used and the calf plays a key role. When the calf muscles contract they press on the veins and activates the venous return – like a pressure applied on a tube of toothpaste causing the past to rise outside tube.

Without sufficient full calf contraction (it is the case during recovery), the blood will accumulate in the legs causing their swelling with pain and discomfort aggravating recovery process with more inflammation, muscle damage and DOMS. Who never felt a sensation of heavy legs after a long trip in plane or car (after a competition but also before)?!

Pressing on the muscles the Compressport compression reinforces continuously the pump action of the calves. Consequently the venous return is improved: the blood circulation is increased +20 %, the swelling is prevented: -100 % and the pain and discomfort are deleted!


What is the science behind compression garments effect on an cyclists muscles?

BMX, mountain bike or cycling track:

To stay strong for finals help your body – use the compression! Indeed the venous return improvement observed with Compressport causes an increase of the overall circulation. Consequently compared with a passive recovery, the muscular oxygen supply (necessary to restore the energy reserves) is improved: +25 % and the toxins removal is facilitated: 13 % of lactate in less after 15 min. In conclusion the recovery process is accelerated and the subsequent performances are improved: +7 W for a second 5-min maximal trial repeated after 15 min.

Multi-stages races or training camps

Improving the venous return, Compressport prevents the blood stagnation and therefore the inflammation and edema: -100 %. Consequently, the extent of muscle damage is reduced and the DOMS are limited: -50 %. You will be ready to perform again!

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Compressport recommendations

For quickly eliminating the toxins, restoring the energy reserves and preventing the inflammation and DOMS you have to compress your tired muscles. The best product to recover for short periods (until 2 h) is the Compressport Full Legs. For longer periods or when you stay still (long trip in plane or bus) you will have to use the Compressport Full Socks V2: need to compress the foot to prevent the blood stagnation at this level.


References: Compressport was subject to more 10 scientific published studies. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.

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