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Compressport® adds up new trendy accessories to its headwear line of products, breaking the codes and adding even more innovation and style to street fashion, in a unique combination of comfort and dynamism.


The visor, in various colours, provides shade, absorbs sweat and helps to keep eyes and vision clear. In one size, it fits all and it is anti-bacterial.


Ultra-light and extremely fast drying make this second version of visor! The hydrophobic mesh does not retain water and ventilates well so you stay light, dry and fresh.


Using an hydrophobic fibre weaved in an unique pattern, this headband brings in the first sporting headband incorporating an On/Off ventilation fibre that breathes and keeps your forehead cool and fresh. This new ultra light headband procures unmatched comfort and dries up to 7 times faster than a traditional headband.



Ideal softness, total seamless, perfect fit and contemporary touch resume this Thin On/Off Headband that stays put whatever be the intensity of your effort. Made with extensible fibres, this headband adapts naturally to all sizes, is comfortable, and causes no itching and no chafing. It retains your hair, keeps your eyes clear and absorbs sweat.


Comfortable to wear, it adjusts to any head morphology thanks to an adjustment strap. Its casual look will definitely make the difference if you are looking for style in your sport accessories.


This Trucker Cap comes with a mesh at the back that guarantees optimal breathability and it adapts to all sizes thanks to an adjustment tab. Fashionable it will definitely guarantee a dynamic look.


A two-in-one product that offers at the same time maximum breathability to the forehead and maximum protection to your eyes and ears. Drying fast, it procures a feeling of wellbeing during effort.


Swimmers look for comfort and resistance in their swim cap. This Compressport® cap is the one! Waterproof, it fits your head without pressure and ensures maximum comfort during swimming. Athletes can use this swim cap under the official cap for further warmth.