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HAUTE ROUTE … living a human story out of a sporting challenge

Team sports apparel worn by hundreds of passionate cyclists to take the challenge of pushing physical and mental limits every year, that`s what Haute Route sporting challenge stands for. Up the Pyrenees, the French Alps or the Italian Dolomites compression clothing leaves its mark. Whether they be rookies, professionals or just sport enthusiasts looking for the adrenaline rush, they come from over 50 countries around the world with one sole goal: beat the odds during the most exhilarating amateur cycling events and live the most unparalleled experience.

French Alps:                                     800Km, Altitude 21000M+

Italian Dolomites Swiss Alps:           900 km, Altitude 21000M+

Pyrenees:                                         800 km, Altitude 20000M+

Haute Route in High Security

The Haute Route events throughout the most mythical European cols and mountains combine jaw-dropping scenery and dramatic but breathtaking climbs. So much kilometers up so much meters in altitude require that the events be well secured: thousands of volunteer marshals, more than 30 safety and medical motorcycles on each event, ambulances and medical support teams are requisitioned.

blog-dans-articleTeam Sports Apparel up the mountains … the best ally ever !

Team Sports Apparel in Cycling –  Haute Route goes Compressive!

Since 2014, Compressport ® is partner of the Haute Route events and provides to the cyclists an innovative pair of compression socks, the Pro Racing Socks Ultralight Bike, tested by world champions and wholly adopted for their ability to improve performance, to accelerate recovery and to prevent overheating. 

Haute Route is a unique mix of challenge, overwhelming mountainous landscapes and human nature. In the sports world, Haute Route is proof that we have the power to change our lives… if we dare to.

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