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Between Texas and Matt HANSON, it`s a story that`s going to make history! The Minnesotan triathlete began his career in Texas. It was in Texas that he won his first championship in 2015 and that`s also in Texas that he made one of the fastest pro finishes of all times by an American.

After a complicated 2016 season, Matt gathered enough fitness to set himself up for Ironman Texas 2017, geared in his favourite compression clothing by Compressport®.

The start was not one of the best for Hanson when he came out of the water at the 18th place. In between two packs he had to decide whether to force himself in the first pack or let the second pack swallow him. He had come to Texas to be on one of the podium steps and there was no way he would divert from this objective!

Matt_Hanson_824x400Head down on his bike`s handlebar he pedalled ferociously and created a tremendous breakthrough and managed his bike to the 4th place of the race, with the 5th fastest bike split to his credit. His voyage to the IRONMAN podium was set!

During the last run he decreased his time deficit tactically and with such brio that he takes the 2nd fastest run split on his way to a fantastic victory and course record at 7:52:44 all in a indescribable rush of emotion. 

Emma PALLANT wins Challenge Mogan in compression clothing

A little less than 500 participants from 24 nations gathered to run the Half-Distance event in stunning Gran-Canaria. Among the hundreds of triathletes was Ironman Champion Daniela Ryf who did not come to be just an extra!

Emma_Pallant_824x400BMC Etixx Emma PALLANT knew the race would be tough but her determination remained unwavering. Lucy Charles won the swim race, Ryf was unbeatable on her bike but Emma was not far way. So when the run is whistled out she fought her way through the pack, passed beyond Ryf and Charles and flew to victory. She stopped the chrono at 4:35:15.  

A new Ultra Trail joins the UTW Tour

UTWT_824x400It took place in beautiful Spanish Castellon region. Over a distance of 115Km and 5500 meters of vertical climbing, ultra runners came to the Penyagolosa Trails to capitalize on additional points to grab in the championship.

Yeray_Duran_824x400Yeray DURAN was one of them. With Timothy Olson he entered into a tough fight and the first named got the better of the second-named by 12 minutes.

2nd of the race, Yeray DURAN did just great!

Compressport® partner Athletes are heading for a tremendous 2017 season on all the tracks ..

Stay tuned with us for the next results 

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