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Gluten… An enemy?

Have you tried to eat gluten free food? Maybe it can be good to feel how your body system works without it.

Your body needs carbs, your body does not need gluten

Gluten are the protein fraction of wheat, oats, rye and barley.The gluten are king of “intestinal mucosa aggressor”. The explanation accepted for this effect is that the molecules derived from the digestion of wheat are too large and can cause a flattening permeability.

Also, the gluten  can be responsible for a reduction of the production of digestive enzymes with local effects like a reduction of the nutrients absorption, an increase of the absorption of food allergens, abdominal cramps, gases, bloating, diarrhea alternated with constipation.

Most wheat has absolutely no nutritional value because of the processing factor, wheat is usually fortified because of it’s lack of nutritional value. What I like best about being gluten free is that cutting out gluten has also meant nearly all of the processed food diet has been eliminated (pasta/bread).

Plus, we are also ingesting far less sugar and sodium which has made a great difference in the area of weight and general feeling of health.

The skin gets better, no acne, no gas in the intestine.

Peptides which affect blood circulation as products of the gluten digestion can provoke systemic affects such weight gain, inflammation, headaches, joint and muscle pains, bloating, mood swings, lack of concentration, insulin resistance, increased abdominal fat and food cravings.

Let’s try?

We can try to take out the pasta, bread, rye, oats, biscuits, soy sauce and barley for example…

Then, you can have rice (100% natural cereal), potatoes, corn crackers, sweet potatoes, corn, hominy, rice crackers, quinoa…

I hope you feel “lighter” and eat “cleaner”! 

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