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Bristish pro triathlete supported by COMPRESSPORT®, Lucy Gossage looks back at her 2014 season, new professional perspectives and IM KONA as an ultimate goal.

1. Hello Lucy, you had a good 2014 season on iron and half iron distance. How would you sum it up?

I think it is fair to say I had an excellent start, a solid middle and a very disappointing end! 2nd and 1st places in Ironman South Africa and Ironman Lanzarote respectively were the highlights but I was very disappointed I couldn’t race well in Kona due to an Achilles injury.

2.You worked as a Cancer Doctor at Cambridge, UK, and you were also doing research at Cambridge Research Institute. How did you manage this time consuming job with your triathlon career?

I was working until April 2014 but right now I have a 2 year sabbatical from work to allow me to train and race as a full time triathlete. In many ways, working has helped me keep triathlon in perspective. Fundamentally it’s my hobby, not my career, and though I take it as seriously as any pro I think knowing triathlon isn’t the be all and end all for me makes it a bit easier to cope with disappointing races. I’m not sure it is coincidence that I got injured when I stopped working – sometimes less is more and that is something I’m going to bear in mind in 2015!

3. 2014 has been successful with a qualification to Kona. What are your objectives in 2015? Kona again?

Visuel 1

I really hope to qualify for Kona again this year. At the moment it has beaten me so I need to go back and beat it! It’s going to be challenging to qualify though as obviously I don’t have any points at the moment.

4. You race in Europe most of time. Do you plan on racing in UK again in 2015?

I would absolutely love to race Ironman UK again. My favourite race ever was Ironman Wales but unfortunately the timing of that means I’ll never be able to race it again if I am racing Kona. I always do quite a few lower key UK races too – they’re a fun way of getting hard training days in and I really enjoy meeting lots of the Brits at these races.

5. You won IM Wales and IM UK in 2013, two races known as not to be really sunny and hot, but you also won IM Lanzarote in 2014. What kind of weather do you prefer while racing, what are the ideal conditions for you?

I think probably I do best in cold and wet conditions. The harder the better for me! But I’ve got much better at racing in the heat so am no longer as scared of it as I used to be.

6. What COMPRESSPORT®, products do you use in training/racing? What is your favorite Compressport product for recovery? And why !?

I think I use all the COMPRESSPORT®,  products! I’ve been wearing the calf guards religiously as I’ve let my Achilles heal and always use the full legs after hard sessions.

7. You recently tested the COMPRESSPORT®,  ON/OFF shirt. Tell us what you thought about it, in what conditions you used it,…

I absolutely loved this and have been wearing it loads in the cold and wet UK. It works really well at keeping you warm but also letting sweat evaporate too. Definitely one of the best base layers I’ve ever used.

Thanks a lot for your time Lucy, we wish you a great 2015 season! 


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