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Get to know Tadei PIVK, Skyseries World Champion.

Hi Tadei, could you please tell us a bit more about you. How did you enter the world of Skyrunning? What kind of trails and races do you prefer? Where do you live and train?

Ciao, my running career really started with mountain running, but I was always drawn to the longer races so I started doing sky races in 2008. It didn’t take long before I started getting some really good results, and I’ve kept improving over the years. At the same time my passion for mountains has continued to grow as well. My favourite sort of race is between 25 and 30 km with a really tough climb and a technical descent. I live in a small village called Camporosso, which is in the district of Tarvisio at the foot of Monte Lussari. There’s a sanctuary at the summit of the mountain with so many different trails leading up to it. In fact, most of my training is done here alongside my trainer Luigino Boccolini.

You had a really successful 2015 season and won the European title at Zegama as well as the overall victory in the Skyrunning World Series. Did you expect to have such a great season?

Yeah, 2015 has definitely been my best year to date. I knew that I was in good form and could perform well – but perhaps not this well! Once you get off to a good start then your confidence is boosted so you’ve got that extra edge.

Why did you choose COMPRESSPORT as a compression partner and when and how do you use compression garments?

I chose to collaborate with COMPRESSPORT the Italian team gave me some products to try. I immediately felt really comfortable with them and now I won’t do any training without using the COMPRESSPORT products. And of course, I’ll wear them for recovery as well.


What is your favourite product within the COMPRESSPORT range?

That’s a tough question! It’s hard to pick just one product in particular, but I do really like the new PRO R2 SWISS, which are now more supple but still give amazing compression.

What are your objectives for 2016? Do you have your eyes on the World Championship title?

I’ll be doing ski mountaineering races this season and I try to take everything season by season. Naturally I’d love to be among the best sky runners in 2016 as well.

In other sports we see athletes performing well on short distances that then move up to longer distances. Is it likely that we’ll see you on the start line of an ultra trail?

I love changes and like to be kept on my toes. It keeps me motivated. It’s definitely an option and I haven’t excluded the possibility of a few longer races in 2016…

Thanks for your time Tadei. We wish you a great 2016 season!

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