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Get to know Melissa Haushchildt

Hi Melissa, thanks to give COMPRESSPORT fans some of your time. We all know you as a top pro triathlete and super fast runner. But who is Melissa Hauschildt? What do you do when you are not working/racing?

I love baking and creating healthy and nutritious snacks, cakes, energy balls and chocolate from raw foods so I spend a bit of my downtime doing this. I find it relaxing and enjoyable so it doesn’t tire me for my hard sessions. I also enjoy bush walking and the beach both of which are super close to my home. I find it hard to sit still so I’m usually always on the go.

2014 promised to be your year, but things did not go as planned. We noticed you were back on track by winning with style IM Asia Pacific Championship. This victory qualified you directly to Kona and you are also qualified for IM70.3 World Champ in Austria. How do you prepare for those two big events?

I’m staying home in Australia this year to prepare for the 70.3 world champs. It’s winter here now but the weather is still really good. I have a good group of cyclists here that I regularly ride with, the beach is only a few kms away and there’s forestry areas in all directions so it’s great for training. I might stay in Europe after the 70.3 worlds, maybe find a nice training location at altitude to prepare for Kona.

You are a real fan of COMPRESSPORT R2 calf sleeves. For how long do you use them? What does it bring to you?

I like to do my hard run sessions in my R2 calf sleeves to prevent any post workout soreness. I also race in them to keep my calfs feeling fresh and to recover quicker so that I can get back into training sooner.

You are a former 3000m steeplechase specialist (national champ, Commonwealth Games) and moved to multisport with success in 2010. 35 pro triathlon wins and 16 course records. How do you manage recovery to be always on top? What COMPRESSPORT recovery products do you use?

The night before a race I will always sleep in my full leg COMPRESSPORT to freshen my legs up and then the night following my race I will sleep in them again to help aid recovery. I regularly travel in my COMPRESSPORT  quads and knee high socks. After hard or long sessions or if my legs are feeling tired I will relax in my COMPRESSPORT  gear. COMPRESSPORT has been a major part of my training, racing and recovery right from the very start of my triathlon career.

In few weeks, COMPRESSPORT will be launching the “Mel Hauschildt Signature Serie”. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

I’m so excited about this. My signature series is going to be awesome. I won’t give too much away now, you’ll have to wait and see, but I will tell you there’s an Australian animal in boxing gloves on them which looks amazing!

Thanks Melissa for your time. Have a good training, see you end of August at the IronMan 70.3 World Championship in Austria.

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