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so went the Ultra Trail World Tour Series Final during this third weekend of October! Overall, Compressport® and its range of compression clothing take partner athlete Gediminas Grinius to the top of the podium while Pau Capell grasps the bronze step. In the women`s league, Fernanda Maciel earns a honourable 11th place after a breakthrough year on the trail tracks.

Trail, Compression Clothing and Nature… an unbeatable trio

Compressport® and partner athletes abandoned the traditional trail tracks and city life and went Nature!  It began in Portugal and ended in the Indian Ocean. In complete immersion in the mountains, surrounded by the seas, with the horizon as ultimate limit and geared with the best compression outfits, our athletes proved once again that when there is a will there is… a trail way!

Many Go Green during the Eco-Trail Madeira…

Professionals and amateurs reached the beautiful island of Madeira, in their compression socks to run 4, races with 4 different ascents, the toughest being the 8km race at 5400 of ascent. And even if adverse weather conditions decided to 

380x253rock the boat, our Julien Chorier and Casey Morgan finished 1st and 2nd respectively. Our two champions could not have dreamt better finish to their respective season.

Special mention: David Bormann and Sylvain Laurmanaged the 40km-race to the finishing line at the most honourable 9th and 12th positions respectively.

… Others Go Mad on the Diagonale des Fous

To complete the Ultra-Trail World Tour series, our professional trail runners headed south to cross Reunion Island from south to north for a madding trail race. The maddest of them all, French François d’Haene did it in less than 24 hours while our Maxime Cazajous narrowly missed the podium after more than 25 hours of running.

A great year of trail running comes to an end…  looking forward to a tremendous 2017 with Compressport®.

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