Frequently Asked Questions

Compression effects

Will compression garments reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?

During the effort the compression sleeves keep your muscle compact and solid. This limits the vibration (-33 %) caused by the impact of the foot leading to less lateral or vertical movement of your muscle and therefore less traction on tendon and muscle itself. Less shock during the effort means less muscle damage and consequently less DOMS during the recovery (-50 %).

Is it true that compression garments can reduce the pain associated with intense exercise?

It is also recommended to wear your compression socks for a while longer after exercise, allowing your legs to benefit and recuperate optimally. Indeed muscles are considerably damaged from intense exercise and you continue to feel pain. Using the Compressport Full Socks or Full Legs you will save your legs from pain associated with intense exercise. They will provide you a great muscle support and you will feel lighter and mobile. Ready to play again.

Will compression garments enhance endurance performance?

The repetition of shocks during endurance exercise such as Trail Running or Marathon causes muscle damage andfatigue. Compression garments willhelp you by limiting vibration and absorbing the shocks (-33 %)! The fatigue will be delayed, the pain and micro-injuries will be reduced and you will be able to perform longer with a better global comfort.Thus you will be more resistant on the last kilometers of an endurance race when your competitors will slow down…

Can Compression Clothing Enhance Your Workout?

If you wear compression garments, you will feel the performance sensation at first glance. Compressport garments will help you during each training session to recover faster, to reduce pain (-50 %) and the risk of injuries (-29 %). Thus, day by day, your workouts will be improved as you will be ready perform again faster!

Can Compression Clothing Make Me a Better Athlete?

Using compression clothing can make the difference with your competitors. Increasing your proprioceptive feedback and facilitating muscle contraction you will be able to jump higher and sprint faster. Compression clothing will also delay the fatigue felt by absorbing shocks and reducing muscle damage (-33 %). Thus you will be more resistant on the last kilometers of an endurance race. Keeping your muscle compact and solid compression also ensures less traction on tendon and muscle itself. This preserves you from many injuries such as tendonitis, shin split or muscular injuries (-29 %). Finally, improving the muscle oxygenation (+15 to +25 %) and accelerating the elimination of blood lactate (elimination is faster from 13 % after only 10 min), your body will recover faster.

Can compression garments facilitate recovery in the hours following intense exercise and reduce blood lactate concentrations?

Muscle structures are considerably damaged from intense exercise. This affects blood circulation negatively: oxygen supply is hampered and drainage of lactic acid and other toxin stands still… Their concentration remains high in the muscle and may impair recovery and subsequent performances. That is why, you need to improve your blood flow circulation. Pressing on your veins compression socks activate your venous return (+20 % in few seconds) – like a pressure applied on the bottom of a tube of toothpaste causing the paste to rise outside the tube. This guarantees more oxygen for your muscle (+15 to +25 %), faster elimination of lactic acid and consequently better recovery (elimination of lactate is faster from 13 % after only 10 min). Ready to play again optimally!

Is wearing compression garments as effective as other recovery techniques?

As many other techniques using compression during recovery is based on blood circulation activation. This guarantees more oxygen for your muscles (+15 to +25 %), faster elimination of lactic acid (-13 %) and therefore better recovery. But for sure compression presents other advantages that other do not have… 1/ it is more practical to use: it does not require bath or physiotherapist! 2/ you can use for a long time after exercise allowing your legs to benefit and recuperate optimally. 3/ you can mix with other: after water immersion, massage or electro stimulation.

Compression garments enhance proprioception. What does it mean?

Compression improves your proprioceptive feedback! This provides a better balance which may help you in all sporting movements especially sprint and jump performances. Not convinced? Do your own experience. Close your eyes and extend one leg… Imagine your feet!? Visualized them!? Try to exactly situate them!? Difficult? Normal they are far from your brain. Now ask a friend to press on your feet. In one second it is easier to situate them… Right? Incredible! How does it work? Pressing on your feet, your friend activates some cutaneous and muscular receptors. The message goes up to the brain and you are able to feel better feedback! It is the same principle for Compressport garments designed to stimulate each proprioceptive receptors.

Do compression garments enhance explosive power such as vertical jump?

Compression keeps your muscle compact and solid. This limits the vibration caused by the impact of the foot (-33 %) leading to less lateral or vertical movement of your muscle. Less muscle oscillation means better alignment of muscular fibre facilitating muscle contraction and consequently enhancement of explosive power such as vertical jump, sprint or direction changes.

Compression garments: Do they influence athletic performance and recovery?

Compression garments may positively influence each kind of athletic performance! Increasing your proprioceptive feedback and facilitating muscle contraction all disciplines involving jumps, sprints and direction changes will be improved. Absorbing shocks (-33 %) and reducing muscle damage fatigue during endurance effort will be delayed. Improving aerodynamics (economy of 5 Watts) cycling performance will be enhanced. Accelerating blood circulation muscle oxygenation will be improved (+15 to +25 %), blood lactate will be faster eliminated (-13 %) and therefore recovery will be improved. Finally you will also be less injured using compression (-29 %)!

When should I use Compression ?

Before the effort

Preparing the muscles before a race or a training session, wearing Compressport will accelerate the warm-up process and therefore reduce the risk of injury. By pressing the veins, Compressport compression improves the venous return towards the heart, exactly like the pressure applied to the bottom of a toothpaste tube, causing the paste to rise up. Consequently the overall blood circulation is increased : improving muscle oxygenation, preventing swelling and guaranteeing to the athletes a feeling of light and fresh legs!

During the effort

Wearing Compressport during running effort will be beneficial due to the reduction of muscular vibrations (induced by the impacts on the ground). By limiting these vibrations, Compressport will reduce muscle damage, delay muscle fatigue, improve prolonged performances and prevent delayed muscle soreness. The risk of tendonitis, shin splints and muscular injuries is decreased. Compression will provide an effective support and ensure less stress on joints and tendons! By activating cutaneous and muscular receptors, the Compressport compression will enhance the proprioceptive feedback. Consequently, body posture while exercising will be improved.

After the effort

Blood flow activation resulting from using Compressport in recovery will increase oxygen supply, eliminating toxins faster and preventing swelling. Consequently, secondary muscle damage, inflammations and muscle soreness are reduced and subsequent performances during competition are improved !

Everydays life

Often, major competitions are far away from home. Preparations and travels before the race may cause the sportsman to stomp or to endure extend passive positions. All these activities will lead to leg swelling and associated pain which characterizes “heavy legs” syndrome. Who never felt that sensation of heavy legs before running? Decreasing or preventing swelling of the lower limbs , wearing elastic compression for well being, may ensure a light and fresh legs feeling … Ready to perform! From a sensory point of view, pain and discomfort are reduced by wearing compression garments, especially on plane or on train or by exposure to heat.

What is my Size ?

Which size am I?

Size IS important! Please use the sizing charts. You’ll need a tape measure, or some string and a ruler. Getting the correct size is very important to get the maximum performance out of your garment so please take the time to measure up.

My measurements put me right in the middle of two different sizes, which size should I buy?

If your measurements fall right between two sizes we recommend that you go for the larger size. Comfort is vital!!

Products lifetime ?

How long do I wear them for?

Compressport R2, UR2, US, Quad and Full Leg should be worn to train and recover in. For recovery we suggest you wear them for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours after exercise, but everybody is different and has different lactic thresholds. Test out what works best for you. Some people choose to sleep in their compression garments and find it beneficial.

How I care my compressport products ?

When do I wash them?

Compressport compression products are all designed to be hand washed in the shower or a sink in warm water. This allows them to keep their compression rate for an extended period of time.

Injuries prevention ?

Shin Splints

There is no research to state that compression will cure shin splints, but many physios and doctors recommend compression to help. The Ultra Silicon calf guards offer a higher degree of shock absorption to protect your lower legs and we recommend this model to anyone suffering with shin splints.

What about my warranties ?

2 year warranty replacement

When you buy your COMPRESSPORT® product you get a 2-year warranty. We would be grateful if you could validate your warranty on our website Registration is mandatory for the warranty to be valid. In return you will receive a numbered warranty certificate you can easily keep and use if necessary.
– Any defects on the seams of the products
– Any defects on the fibre of the products
– The wearing of the logos on the products
– Any tears or holes due to misuse of the product
After sending your personal information, you will receive a confirmation email. Return your product with a copy of this email and your product will be exchanged for a new one free of charge.

30 days money back

Every product can be tested for 30 days. On the track, road, trail or even on a bike… for users to make up their own minds and get their money back if not satisfied.

What is your confidentiality policy ?


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