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  • Concevoir le sac de course ultime avec Sébastien Chaigneau

    Seb a toujours voulu façonner son sac de course avec une idée en tête: retrouver la même sensation que lorsqu'il enfile une paire de chaussures de trail running parfaitement conçues.
  • Scientific answers to the 10 most common questions related to sport compression

    A lot of pro athletes are using compression, but even if you are a beginner, compression will bring you the same benefits as pro athletes. Here the scientific answers to the 10 most common questions related to sport compression
  • Meet the man behind Compressport's | Sylvain Laur

    Compressport’s founder SYLVAIN LAUR sets the tone for this new interview style. Meet the man behind Compressport’s team. Without the waffle.
  • Ludovic Pommeret | The day I won UTMB®

    Ludo Pommeret won the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc with a time of 22 HOURS AND 2 SECONDS. A “final” victory for the Frenchman who has been hitting Chamonix’s trails in a bib since 2004.

    Info or intox, we lift the veil on sports compression inspired by medical compression and take a look at the VEINOUS RETURN and VIBRATION REDUCTION.

    The hard working, quiet achiever from the South-Eastern French Alpes practiced football for 10 years and a further 8 years of Alpine skiing competition.
  • Diego Pazos 'Zpeedy'| Pro Trail Runner

    Sporting his quirky moustache and bowtie, Diego ´Zpeedy´ Pazos, ensures there is rarely a serious moment in the team since his arrival to Compressport in 2016.

    FREDERIK VAN LIERDE leads us in his sport’s paradise. Kailua-Kona. Where the Ironman was born. Triathlon’s most iconic event. Hawaï. Sounds like eden. Becomes hell when things do not get along the way you wanted. And on a 140.6-mile long journey, they are a lot of things that can go wrong.
  • 10 myths about compression debunked

    Compressport's sport compression clothing aim at increasing your performances, delay muscle fatigue, avoid muscle pain and injuries and recover efficiently so you can push your limits to the next level. Innovative technologies, optimal comfort, exclusive designs, you deserve the best available gear! Here are 10 myths about compression debunked!
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