Short compression personnalisé

Conçus pour un maximum de confort et de performance, tous les shorts de compression procurent une sensation de force et un excellent soutien musculaire. Vous améliorez ainsi vos performances et limitez l'apparition de douleurs musculaires. Explorez la gamme de shorts de compression personnalisés de Compressport pour le triathlon, le trail running et la course à pied.

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    Running is one of the sports that has the most impact on the joints and back. With each step it is a shock equivalent to 3x the weight of your body that you have to bear! With this in mind, runners are generally looking for solutions to absorb these shocks

    Imagine running so high you feel as though you are flying. That’s skyrunning. It’s a demanding, yet highly addictive, sport where you run side-by-side with mountain goats, hot-footing along jagged ridges on mountain ranges all over the world. It’s fast, light, technical and guaranteed to get you high.
  • World Care Day

    Le samedi 25 avril 2020, COMPRESSPORT organise une journée CARE DAY pour soutenir le personnel médical et pour vous donner la chance de gagner des lots COMPRESSPORT.