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Wearing Compression helps Finish the UTMB® – A scientifically-proven fact

Every year, during August`s last weekend, the best trail runners together with numerous amateurs around the world gather at Chamonix to take part in the Mont Blanc Ultra-Trail UTMB®.

You will be more than 2500 to be sharing the same dream: go round the Mont-Blanc in less than 2 days! Even though each of you have been training thoroughly for months, half of UTMB® participants will not reach the finish line (an average of 46 % exactly since the first race in 2004).


Totally excessive and disproportioned, the mythic trail event (170km-track, more than 10 000m of positive altitude, crossings of more than 2500 m and occasional adverse weather conditions : night, wind, cold, rain, snow) requires, in addition to the best training, full personal autonomy and the mandatory apparel and equipment.


That`s why Compressport®  is present on each event by bringing innovative sportswear and offering solutions to help you achieve the ultimate goal. Compression by Compressport® backed by scientifically-proven results guarantees that :

→   You`ll have more Chance to Finish UTMB®!

From 2013 to 2016 finishers of the UTMB® wore more compression than those who dropped out early (Buche et al. 2018).


   You`ll Make it to the Top of the Table!

During 2013 à 2016 editions of the UTMB®,  compression was mostly worn by those ranking high in the  results table (Buche et al. 2018).

   Less risk of Injuries, More chance to Finish your Race!

Risks of injury (shin splints, tendonitis…) are reduced (-29 %) when compression is worn during workouts  (Ménétrier et al. 2014).




If you are heading for UTMB® 2018 you most probably have gone through highly mental preparation and tough physical training while keeping in mind one single and strong goal – CROSS THE FINISH LINE!

To do so you will need the adequate equipment that would :

•  Protect  against weather and climate whims

•  Help withstand pain and muscle fatigue

•  Prevent injuries and achieve fast recovery.

Compressport® has developed a dozen of compression trail products specially dedicated to the UTMB ® 2018 under the aegis of Innovation, Technology and Know-how.


The revisited range of compression products caters for

•   Muscle oxygenation

•   Maximum Ventilation & Breathability

•   Targeted Compression

•   Muscle Support and Protection

For the fifth time this year, Compressport® is the official provider of compression and socks to the UTMB® event.

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