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Compression clothing is proving more than successful in racket sports, their benefits having since long gone beyond the borders of endurance sports such as trail running and triathlon.

Compressport® has understood the specific needs of racket athletes and comes forward with a specific range of compression clothing.

Compression covers two phases of sports activities…

? During Effort

? Recovery After Effort

… and benefits each phase in different ways but with only one main goal… IMPROVE PERFORMANCE!

How does Compression Clothing benefit Racket Sports?


During Effort compressive apparel stimulates blood flow forward and backwards so it does not stagnate in the muscles and does not cause toxins to build up. Moreover, shocks are absorbed and muscle tears are limited.

Practising racket sports demands that athletes achieve good equilibrium while jumping to smash and landing to receive the ball. Compression clothing helps achieve this.

Wearing compressive gear After Effort wicks away curvatures and muscle pain thus facilitating recovery. The elbow having been put on tremendous strain on the racket, having the appropriate arm sleeve will help.

Compressport`s Racket range of products has been developed in exclusive fibres, ultra-fine and elastic and adapt to the moves of racket athletes on the courts.

?  protection of the arms, especially at elbow level in the Elbow Silicon Armforce

?  protective guard to the knees and calves in the Pro Silicon R2


For a tennis player, a more-than-2H match will put strain on muscles and definitely on the elbow. Wearing compression apparel will limit injuries by almost 30% and delay fatigue. Silicone inserts in some of Compressport ® outfits help protect joints.

Compression clothing facilitates a better venous return and thermo-regulates body temperature.

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