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One of the last recruits in Compressport team this year is Chloé Mésic, squash professional. Her route to squash has been more than unusual. Destined to climbing sports, she gets herself caught-up in squash because her mother missed the inscription date for climbing!

Not so much enthusiast at the beginning, Chloé finally took a liking – and rightfully indeed – to squash and today ranks herself 3rd best French female player, 63rd World best and medalist at the last world championships with the French Team.

Chloé Mésic confesses being a regular user of compression clothing since she discovered Compressport`s range of products.

These past 6 years, I have been using the compression running products and have been delighted by them. I wear them during my training sessions and when I`m playing a match. When the Racket range was designed I voluntarily proposed to represent the brand.

What do you find in compression clothing?

Compression clothing has many increasing benefits both during my training sessions and during matches. I never let go of my Full Socks when I travel because they limit leg swelling and numbness. They are comfortable to wear and last long. Mine are as good as new after 6 years service!

My R2 calf sleeves are essential at keeping my legs as light as possible during intense continuous effort. I always wear them while working oit before a match. They limit muscle vibrations and give support to my Achilles tendon which is highly stained in squash.

824x400The Quad and Underwear Compression Short make a unique compressive duo on my thighs, giving support, compression and comfort. The light and comfortable On/Off T-shirt keeps the body in perfect posture and straight irrespective of fatigue and when the back is under strain.

How do you prepare yourself before a match and how do you prevent injury?

I have been fortunate enough not to be injured since I began squash. A rational reason to that would be my genetic disposition – solid and flexible joints. I also work on my biomechanics by adopting the ideal way of moving on the court so as to limit injury. Last but not least, I take good care of my diet, my recovery and medical check-ups. Compressport Racket products help a lot in the recovery process – electro-simulation, massage and stretching.


What are your future goals?

First, be in the World Top 40, win my first international PSA Tour, make it ot the podium during the French Elite championship and be European Champion with my team.

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