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  • Ultra-Trail® du Mont Blanc - UTMB® 2021

    Per i nostri atleti di Compressport International, l'evento è stato a lungo atteso ed è stato posto in cima agli obiettivi dei nostri corridori d'élite da quando la gara ha ricevuto l'approvazione per procedere quest'anno. Nelle 4 gare principali, 13 dei nostri migliori atleti erano più motivati che mai e pronti a dare il meglio di sé.
  • Sneak Peek Limited Edition 2021

    In vero stile Compressport, continuiamo ad evolverci. Nuove tecnologie, nuovi materiali, nuove silhouette... La collezione 2021 mira ad aiutarti a raggiungere e sostenere i tuoi obiettivi e le tue ambizioni, qualunque sia lo sport che pratichi. Scopri ora la nuova collezione in anteprima!
  • Unisciti alla rivoluzione di Free Belt

  • Train, Race and Recover with personnal coach Manon Maheo

    La personal trainer Manon Maheo ti guiderà attraverso esercizi focalizzati a costruire forza, generare velocità e recuperare per aiutarti a raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi.

    We have already highlighted some of the favourite ´home´ summits of our athletes in the French Alps. Now it´s time to turn to Switzerland as Diego ´Zpeedy´ Pazos gives us a tour of his favorite training playground in the third Episode of ´My Home Summit´
  • Ep 02 | My Home Summit | The Lake Loop | France

    In the first episode, we shared with you one of the favorite training loops from Aurelien Dunand-Pallaz. This time his teammate Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon presents to us one of his favorite training grounds, around the region where he prepared for his Fastest Known Time Attempt during the Summer.

    10 years ago, we put our passion for science to work on the simplest piece of equipment out there: a sock. The game-changing Pro Racing Socks were born. It was the beginning of an exclusive technology that, a decade later, is firmly anchored in the COMPRESSPORT® DNA.
  • My Ironman® goal

    You're a first-timer? Or maybe just looking to improve your personal best? Compressport Athletes share their best tips so you can reach YOUR Ironman® goal!
  • Aurélien Dunand-pallaz breaks the 24hour uphill/downhill trailrunning record

    While it has been a very different year, with a lack of races and additional limitations towards training, there has been one athlete who has embraced it with optimism. The 27 year old Aurelien Dunand-Pallaz from the South-Eastern French Alps, has seen it as an opportunity to challenge himself.
  • The Via Alpina by Diego Pazos Zpeedy

    It has been a dream for several years that the Swiss born Ultra Trail Runner has been fascinated by the thought of crossing the whole of his country by foot. The Via Alpina is one of the greatest classics of hiking in Switzerland.
  • Denis Chevrot | Pro Triathlete

    With a career different to most of his rivals, Denis Chevrot competed in swimming until 2010 while also completing his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
  • ULTRARAVIS - Thibault Pollet Villard

    Ultraravis is an epic tale about what makes home “home”, and about how to find it out living the moment.
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