Care socks navy

Compressport Care line will leave your legs with an unmatched sensation of lightness and freshness

  • Care socks navy

Care socks navy

Compressport Care line will leave your legs with an unmatched sensation of lightness and freshness

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Care socks navy



Développé pour

Une graduation de la compression au millimètre près dans les zones ciblées apporte de l'oxygène aux muscles et donc améliore les performances et facilite la récupération.


67.00 g

The natural Merino & Silk fibre blend will bring added comfort and warmth for a unique feeling all day long. This sock is filled with innovations to boost your venous return. Extra-fine fibre blend of New Zealand Merino Wool and Silk, your legs remain light and painless while flying, at the office or simply just relaxing at home. Compressport Care Line has been developed in collaboration with Pro Tour Cycling Teams for all their traveling needs. Muscle, venous, lymphatic compression plays an integral part in the everyday life of the best athletes in the world. Footballers, golfers, Formula 1 pilots, Cyclists… all without exception use compression gear to optimize their recovery and be more effective during their training/racing. 100% of athletes wear compression stockings when traveling by plane, car, bus … Compressport, thanks to the originality and quality of its products, embodies the new generation brand of reference. A true brand phenomenon, innovation and proven effectiveness of our products have made our brand the market reference under 36 months. We put at your disposal all our knowledge to enable your customers to travel, and live every day like the best golfers, footballers, cyclists, swimmers, …


Acu pressure

La circulation sanguine est activée grâce à un massage multipoints de la zone plantaire.


Parfait ajustement pour un confort maximum et une efficacité optimale. (pas de frottement)

Merino Silk

Pour un look complet

Par les créateurs de Thereabouts et filmé en partenariat.

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